On Cloud Nine : Sink into Savoir’s super luxurious new bed

Words by
Sphere Life

15th April 2020

Made in collaboration with British furniture designer Tom Faulkner, the Cloud bed is a dream come true for those in search of the perfect night’s sleep

Never before has a good night’s sleep been more welcome - and rarely have our bedrooms become such havens in our households - which is why the need for a good bed is ever stronger. Leading the way in the world of luxury sleep is British company Savoir. Known for its exceptional handmade beds, which are expertly crafted in workshops located in London and Wales. In a true show of quality over quantity, the brand makes fewer than 1,000 beds a year. each made to order and signed by the artisans who made it. 

Those in the know may be aware of Savoir's previous showstopper bed, the No.1, a design painstakingly made over 120 hours. Now, its makers have collaborated with British furniture designer Tom Faulkner on "Cloud", one of the Savoir's most luxurious launches to dateA trip to Vietnam inspired the design, as seen in the Cloud's extending headboard, recalling the spirit walls that are thought to protect one’s home there. 

The bed has been meticulously crafted over 60 hours using the finest natural materials - with a rather interesting twist. The Cloud features something that most people overlook: the humble nettle. With the intent of using only natural fibres in his design, Faulkner turned to Swedish upholsterer Svensson - its Rami fabric (woven with ramie, related to the nettle family) perfectly complements the high-quality wool used in Savoir beds. The combination of the two yarns create a textured surface with tonal colour variations that highlight the natural characteristics of the fabric. Cloud features two colourways from the Svensson collection, with the bright teal surrounding the headboard emphasising the outline of the cloud-like shape. The bed 

The new design is the product of Savoir's 100+ years’ combined experience creating bespoke beds and furniture. Through their finely-tuned bed making and upholstery techniques, Savoir has transformed Tom’s original cloud drawing in to an exceptional, beautiful bed at the very top end of the market.  

“The cloud shape has been a design that has been swimming around my head for a few years now. I’ve begun to incorporate it into my other designs – it was recently used for a mirror, our newly launched Papillon rug and a new coffee table – but I always knew it would be the perfect fit for a bed design,” says Faulkner. 

Savoir Managing Director, Alistair Hughes, adds, “Crafting bespoke beds is central to Savoir, so when we had the opportunity to collaborate with Tom Faulkner I knew it would be a celebration of bespoke British craftsmanship. I’ve known Tom for some time and have admired his bespoke furniture so I am thrilled to create a truly bespoke bed that incorporates his signature style.”

The Cloud is upholstered in Svensson Rami 4380 and 4381, complete with bespoke Tom Faulkner legs and a Savoir No. 3 bed set. Prices start from £24,281.

For more details, visit savoirbeds.com