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48 HOURS OF LUXURY Belmond Hotel Cipriani offers classic accommodation and a variety of dining options, all with spectacular views

It’s not so much a case of what to do in Venice but how to find the time to do it all, discovers Casey Gillespie, as the magic of La Serenissima claims yet another heart

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NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK Sphere - luxury travel, business, culture, fashion, food and technology.

From fascinating skeleton watches with intricate movements to delicate diamond bracelets, this season’s latest timepieces cater to all tastes

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THE ART OF ALCHEMY Detailing on the Indian Manuscript watch by Vacheron Constantin

Having come close to extinction in the 1970s as aesthetic tastes changed, enamelled watches are making a comeback, preserved by a mere handful of highly skilled artisans whose miniature works of art take months of painstaking labour to produce, says Sandra Lane

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THE BIRDS AND THE BEES Sphere - luxury travel, business, culture, fashion, food and technology.

Get back to nature with these organic pieces inspired by flora and fauna

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National Service Following its closure in 2012, when heavy snow and freezing temperatures caused the walls to crumble in places, the Coliseum  is now undergoing extensive restoration funded by luxury shoe company Tod’s

As the cash-strapped Italian government cuts the budget for conservation of the country’s thousands of cultural and archaeological sites, luxury brands are playing an increasingly important role in sponsoring restoration projects to maintain this unique and priceless legacy, writes Simon Brooke

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issue 7.3 | Autumn 2014 Sphere - luxury travel, business, culture, fashion, food and technology.


With new airports being built in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha, the combined might of Gulf airlines is set to oust European carriers from pole position, says John Arlidge

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At ILN our aim is to connect brands with customers and we do that through engagement strategies and brand storytelling. So we decided to speak to leading luxury brands about how they recruit customers and drive engagement.

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