Luxurious Self-Tans Summer 2023

Words by
Pippa Lowe

13th June 2023

Bring on your tan the sun-safe way, with a luxurious self-tan. SPHERE Curates the self-tanners to give you the sun-kissed glow you crave this summer. No-streaks, no-mess, no-fuss.

Lavishly tanned (looking) skin is go! To get there, we have the best luxurious self-tanners for summer 2023. From anti-cellulite formulas to sumptuous creams providing all the moisture to keep your skin happy whilst getting a glow in the works, without the risks. Whether your skin is dry or sensitive or if you've sworn of self-tanners from horror stories of the past, there is a self-tanner here that will work for you. No orange legs, only olive toned goodness transforming you from sallow to sparkling in an instant (or overnight). Let's jump in.

Self-tans - the Gradual One 

Luxurious Self-Tans Summer 2023
Dior Solar The Self-Tanning Gel, £37

From Dior is their gradual approach allowing you to achieve your exact desired look. Whether a subtle touch of radiance from just one application or building up a bronzed glow over the process of four layers.

Designed to enhance your own skin rather than layer overtop of it, with a natural-origin formula infused with the key ingredient of AHA lactic acid proven to improve the visible quality of both skin and tan. All in a cushiony gel bringing an ethereal satin finish to both face and body, from the very first application and beyond. 

Dior Solar The Self-Tanning Gel, £37

Self-Tans - the Anti-Cellulite One 

Luxurious Self-Tans Summer 2023
Coco and Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam, £26

Filled with anti-cellulite properties to tone and colour in one? Certainly a fool-proof way to skip ahead to bikini-readiness. This bronzing foam is formulated with Cellushape technology to visibly smooth skin and fight cellulite, along with virgin coconut and natural antioxidants to hydrate, firm and improve signs of ageing.

Topping it all off with a mango and guava scent, bringing the beach to you wherever you are and waving that biscuit smell goodbye. A natural and even glow in just under two hours, proven to stay put for up to two weeks.

Coco and Eve's Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing foam, £26

Self-tans - the Streak-free One

Luxurious Self-Tans Summer 2023
Beauty Pie Awesome Bronze, £35

It's right there in the name. A super formula carefully curated by chemists to be truly awesome.  Superior emollience from jojoba wax esters and both hyaluronic acid and glycerin to plump skin and extend the colour for as long as can be done.

What is more - a speedy dry down in no more than 4 minutes so you can go back to being you and cut the statue in the bathroom act short. Guaranteed to be streak-free and even smell-free with added Aromaguard tech to neutralise any fake tan scents. Yep, awesome. 

Beauty Pie Awesome Bronze, £35

Self-tans - the Nourishing One 

Luxurious Self-Tans Summer 2023
Tan Luxe 'The Butter', £25

Created for those who (rightly so) coat themselves in body lotion before even going near a tanning product to avoid patchy elbows at all costs. The Butter is packed with cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E and both oat and raspberry seed oil to quench and condition skin-in-need.

Perfect for beginners or those scared off from tanning, as the colour develops evenly and gradually after simple application. No morning scares in the mirror here, only illumination and hydration for days. 

Tan Luxe The Butter, £25

Self-tans - the Invisible One 

Luxurious Self-Tans Summer 2023
Vita Liberata Invisi Foaming Tan Water, £25

If you are an overnight tanner, there is nothing worse than waking up to muddy looking sheets. This is easily avoided by finding an anti-transfer tan, that actually doesn't transfer! This traceless foam confidently has zero chance of transfer due to it being clear as water yet delivering their darkest tan.

The foam isn't the only element that's kept clear. The formula is vegan and cruelty-free, labelled as 90% organic and enriched with certified organic botanicals to deeply condition skin. Luscious depth and glow from an invisible hero. 

Vita Liberata's Invisi Foaming Tan Water, £25