Luxury Gifts for Lunar New Year of the Dragon

Lunar New Year 2024, or Chinese New Year. celebrates the welcoming of the mighty Year of the Dragon. With that we are seeing well-loved products honing elements of bright red and golden yellow, cognac blends edited to be more fiery and biscuits resembling the wonder of the mystical creature. SPHERE has compiled our selection of Dragonesque luxury gifts to bring good tidings beyond lucky coin-filled envelopes this Lunar New Year of the Dragon - from Fortnum & Mason to Chantecaille.

Gourmet Spins on Fast Food Classics

Gourmet spins on fast-food classics are taking the UK’s restaurant scene by storm, elevating everything from burgers and fish and chips to fried chicken and curry. 

Chanel brings Winter Glow with the new Les Beiges Collection

The Chanel Les Beiges Winter Glow Collection is here. With the release, SPHERE's Pippa Lowe takes us through the stand-out products from the collection. From radiant frosted skin to lips plumped with iridescence, Chanel are bringing back that rosy in-from-the-cold look this winter.

Best Luxury Retirement Developments to Retire in Style

From the buzz of the city to bespoke beekeeping, wealthy retirees can enjoy life in properties that offer five-star facilities reminiscent of private members’ clubs. We pick the best luxury retirement developments in the UK to retire in style.

Inside the Lotus Eletre Global Launch

Join Jonathan Bell for the Global Launch of the new Lotus Eletre as it marks a radical departure for the British sports car maker. The company’s first production electric vehicle and first four-door SUV, the Eletre (el-e-tra) appears so far removed from Lotus’s iconography and heritage that questions have been asked about the car’s right to wear the storied badge. 

Presented by Lotus

In the Wild with Photographer David Yarrow

David Yarrow, the renowned photographer, takes inspiration from film producers and directors when he sets up shoots that resemble movie sets. His work features multiple casts, both human and animal, and Yarrow is famous for featuring wild creatures, including wolves and lions. He explains why his unique take on photography produces images that are immediately recognisable - and very saleable.