Picasso at Christie's: Ceramics to Love

Words by
Pippa Lowe

12th September 2023

Christie’s Lates returns on 14 September with a celebration of Pablo Picasso’s legacy in a culture-rich evening of Picasso works. SPHERE readers may be inspired to become an owner of a Picasso ceramic work. The Picasso at Christie's Ceramics sale (online only) is now open for bidding until 25 September. 

Christie's Lates Picasso - A 50 year Legacy
Christie's Lates - Picasso: A 50-Year Legacy

Christie’s Lates is back this autumn and kicks off with the celebration of Pablo Picasso this year, marking the 50th anniversary of his death. On 14 September from 6-9pm, the auction house on King Street hosts an evening of curator-led tours of Picasso prints and ceramics, including works by artists inspired by Picasso.

It promises to be an enriching evening filled with talks, workshops and performances as the artistic legacy of Pablo Picasso is explored. SPHERE will be attending and we will report back!

Explore the evening and register your interest here.

Christie's Lates Picasso - King Street
Christie's King Street

The largest sale of Picasso’s ceramic works is being offered at Christie’s now open for bidding until  25 September. With a vast array of playful works that radiate Pablo Picasso’s 'joie de vivre', the pieces will be on view at Christie's King Street from the 13th to the 25th of September. So if you can't make the Lates event you can pop into King Street, admire the ceramics and bid if you have the budget.

Christie's Lates Picasso - Vase aztèque aux quatre visages
Vase aztèque aux quatre visages

A highlight from Picasso's ceramics is the Vase aztèque aux quatre visages from 195, a sophisticated ceramic that imaginatively references Pre-Columbian motifs. This iconic Aztec-inspired piece depicts four different faces painted in blue brushstrokes and engraved detailing. Currently, the bid is estimated to be between £55,000 and £75,000. Also look out for Visage aux yeux rieurs (A.R. 608) (1969, estimate: £25,000-35,000) and Lampe femme (A.R. 298) (1955, estimate: £10,000-15,000).

Explore the sale and bid for a Picasso ceramic.