The Fragrance Collection of Emotions from Charlotte Tilbury

Words by
Urmi Pandit

26th April 2024

The power of scent is complex, but it seems modern neuroscience has changed the game. With the launch of Charlotte Tilbury’s Fragrance Collection of Emotions, you may soon be able to choose your mood for the day, with the help of just a single spritz.

As a leading brand in the British cosmetics scene, Charlotte Tilbury is most famously known for its makeup and skincare staples. This Spring, its founder – beauty mogul, Charlotte Tilbury MBE, herself – makes her entry into the fragrance world with a new perfume collection, comprising “six scents for your sixth sense”. 

Combining the importance of mental wellness with luxury transformational fragrances, the Fragrance Collection of Emotions promises to take wearers on a journey guided by scent, where they can architect their ideal day through a certain emotion evoked by a carefully chosen bottle. The brand has partnered with both master perfumers from the International Flavors & Fragrances Incorporation (IFF) and expert neuroscientists to produce in each fragrance, a blend of scent molecules believed to trigger particular receptors in the brain. 

Fragrance Collection of Emotions from Charlotte Tilbury - Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury's Fragrance Collection

From serenity to seduction, the upcoming collection is to boost an enticing range of moods: 

  • ‘Love Frequency’: powered by a floral rose and cashmere wood, accentuate feelings of love 

  • ‘Magic Energy’: a citrus-based combination of palo santo accord, bergamot oil and cypress ultimate designed to energise 

  • ‘Calm Bliss’: inspired by the peace of the sea and lakes, and equally aquatic and floral using neroli oil 

  • ‘More Sex’: a musky leather fragrance, as captivating as it is intense from day to dusk 

  • ‘Joyphoria’: for wearers seeking happiness in a bottle, with a warm scent combining ylang-ylang and vanilla bean extract 

  • ‘Cosmic Power’: a salute to empowerment through emboldening spicy amber base notes below cinnamon bark oil 

Fragrance Collection of Emotions from Charlotte Tilbury - The range of perfumes

The design of each bottle takes inspiration from traditional 18th Century alchemist potions, and is inscribed with matching figures from numerology. To further immerse the wearer within the experience, each vibrant colour reflects the emotion induced. 

“From dreams to science to ingredients to each beautiful bottle, you are stepping into the future of fragrance,” says Charlotte Tilbury, who announced the collection as her most innovative, to date. “These fragrances are like portals to emotions and other worlds, so you will feel however you want to feel, and be whoever you want to be, empowering you through the magic of scent.” 

The Fragrance Collection of Emotions, 100ml, £130. Available at