Ai-Da the Robot Artist to Exhibit at Venice Biennale

Words by
Lee Cassanell

5th April 2022

The first ultra-realistic humanoid AI artist will showcase her latest work.

Ai-Da art robot by Victor Frankowski

The creation of gallerist Adrian Meller in collaboration with engineers and AI developers, Ai-Da, the robot artist will be holding an exhibition of her new project ‘Leaping into the Metaverse’, at the Venice Biennale 

Dubbed the world’s first ultra-realistic robot artist, Ai-Da can draw, sculpt and recite poetry; her work is rumoured to have sold for millions and her upcoming show, inspired by Dante’s ‘The Divine Comedy’, will examine how humans with interact with AI technology as it, and the Metaverse, develops in the future. 

According to the creators: “As a robot artist Ai-Da poses two questions: who are we, and what is art? We are in the midst of an AI explosion and AI is already deeply embedded in our way of life - when we shop, when we interact with companies and institutions and soon with the coming Metaverse. Ai-Da’s unsettling human resemblance challenges us to consider how far we are willing to accept AI in our lives”.  

Ai-Da Robot: Leaping into the Metaverse will open to the public at the Concilio Europeo Dell’Arte in Venice on 23 April 2022.