Words by
Lee Cassanell

14th April 2022

Edible art and immersive installations to entertain you this Easter. 

Award-winning artist Pip & Pop is presenting a new exhibition at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art, Kew Gardens. Part of the new Food Forever programme, this is the debut London exhibition for Tanya Schultz, who works as Pip & Pop, to create immersive installations from a spectrum of materials, including sugar, modelling clay, beads and sweets, as well as objects sourced on her travels all over the world.

Inspired by mythologies and folklore, Pip & Pop’s work explores themes of consumption, wish-fulfilment, and abundance, using eye-popping candy colours and a playful sense of perspective to immerse audiences in her uniquely wonderful world.

Maria Devaney, Galleries and Exhibitions Leader at RBG Kew said: “Pip & Pop’s vibrant food fantasia is a wonderful treat for visitors of all ages, and it’s wonderful to be working with Tanya to bring her unique work to fruition here at Kew Gardens. 

This exhibition is part of the programme 'Food Forever: An exploration of how the food choices we make can impact the planet' which runs until Sunday 18th September 2022