An Artistic take on a childhood favourite from Maddox Gallery

Words by
Sphere Editors

14th September 2022

'Little. Palette', a solo show by emerging British artist Sebastian Chaumeton, runs until 8 October.

Little. Palette marks Chaumeton’s second show with Maddox, showcasing a selection of paintings and sculpture demonstrating an evolution in his style. Deconstructing his artistic taste in a humorous, yet thought-provoking manner, Chaumeton evokes a sense of familiarity within the viewer. The exhibition features 19 canvases with representations of ‘Mr. Hirst’, ‘Ms. Emin’, ‘Mr. Bacon’ and exists as a comment on why and how we discover that we like a certain artist.

Chaumeton draws inspiration from artists whom he looks up to, the techniques of which he enjoys exploring and applying to his work. His ability to appropriate different painting techniques, such as pointillism and abstractionism, and his bold, intelligent statements together make for a collection of artworks which is both visually pleasing and rich in content.

‘Maddox are thrilled to be presenting Chaumeton’s second show’, comments Jay Rutland, Creative Director of Maddox Gallery. ‘We have seen him develop into an acclaimed artist, and we look forward to continuing on this exciting journey with him’.