The Man Behind The Myth

Words by
Andy Morris
Photography by
Jennifer Moyes

20th January 2022

The Knightsbridge Estate have commissioned seven striking portraits from visual artist Àsìkò.

There is more that unites than divides us - even when it comes to the subject of supreme beings. UK based Nigerian conceptual artist Àsìkò has forged the connections between Yoruba culture, Norse and Greek mythology in a new super-sized photographic installation Of Myth and Legend from The Knightsbridge Estate. It features seven portraits installed at the top of Sloane Street SW1 in nine separate stores. The development will also provide a 67,000 sq ft Grade A office building, 33 luxury apartments and a roof top restaurant. 

The commission takes inspiration from the innate connections between African heritage, international style photography, Scandinavian mythology and the multicultural communities in London. “When I was young I was inspired by the stories of the heroes and mythology of the Orisha, who are the collective deities within my Yoruba culture” says Àsìkò.

“They told of the great feats of Shango, the God of Thunder, the wisdom of Osun, the God of Love, the battles of Ogun, the God of War and many more.... Growing up I was also quite intrigued by the mythologies of other cultures like Norse and Greek and how they shared commonalities with the Orishas with their pantheon of deities.” By fusing both together, 
Àsìkò has created a truly striking series of portraits. In a word? Divine.