Celebrating Two Years of The Chiswick Cinema

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11th September 2023

Celebrating two years of The Chiswick Cinema, which launched in the middle of the Covid pandemic, this West London boutique cinema has defied the odds to establish itself as a cultural beacon for the community and beyond. As it celebrates its second birthday, the cinema is clearly set to go from strength to strength.

Presented by The Chiswick Cinema

In spite of the challenges posed by lockdowns, social distancing and competition from streaming services and TV on demand, this unique five-screen venue with luxurious surroundings is now a firm fixture in the local community and the wider London arts scene thanks to its wide-ranging programme of events, from screenings to Q&As and behind-the-scenes interviews with cast and crew of major releases.

When its doors opened in June 2021, The Chiswick Cinema was the first new cinema to open in Chiswick for almost 90 years. It quickly made itself the cultural heart of the local community, acting not only as a place to watch movies, but by bringing people together and providing a space for people to enjoy amazing film experiences with friends and family.

Celebrating Two Years of The Chiswick Cinema

“Two years ago, we embarked on this journey to bring a brand new boutique cinema to Chiswick High Street, the first since 1934,” commented Keiichi Furuya, General Manager of The Chiswick Cinema. “With the limitless support of local members and a talented group of passionate employees, we have been able to build on our foundations to grow a diverse programme to cater to all.”

Audiences can enjoy the latest blockbusters and arthouse releases, from Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse to the Take That-inspired Greatest Days, as well as classic films such as Stand By Me and the Wicker Man 50th anniversary. Added to that is a unique cultural programme of screenings followed by Q&A sessions offered by the cinema, a treat for film fans in the neighbourhood, and across London and the south east.

In the last year alone, The Chiswick Cinema has hosted a screening of the 1963 classic The Servant followed by a Q&A with one of the stars of the film, Sarah Miles; a Karel Reisz retrospective with Vanessa Redgrave and Stephen Frears and an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of Shakespeare in Love with its director John Madden.

Two Years of the Chiswick Cinema - Shakespeare in Love Q&A with John Madden
Shakespeare in Love Q&A with John Madden at the Chiswick Cinema

Earlier this year, The Chiswick Cinema launched the centenary year celebrations of the late Lord Richard Attenborough with a retrospective of his films, organised with the help of his son, renowned theatre director Michael Attenborough CBE. This unforgettable journey through Attenborough’s ground-breaking works spanning his career from 1923 to 2014, both in front of and behind the camera, offers a unique opportunity to rediscover Attenborough’s remarkable contributions to the art of storytelling and is a season exclusive thanks to The Chiswick Cinema.

“My father would have been 100 this year,” said Michael Attenborough CBE. “So when The Chiswick Cinema approached me with the idea of a celebration of his career as an actor, director and producer, I was truly thrilled and have lent this year-long venture my total support. There is nowhere I would prefer to stage this wonderful season than in our highly distinguished, local cinema. What a cultural gem we have on our doorstep.”

It is through hosting a multitude of events, screenings, Q&As and festivals, that the cinema has become the hub for cultural activity and a valuable resource for the community, encouraging those new to film and long-term fans alike to engage in the joy of cinema, creating a sense of community and connection.

Two Years of the Chiswick Cinema - Q&A event
A Q&A event at the Chiswick Cinema

This month, Michael Attenborough, alongside Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth, will be judging The Chiswick Cinema’s Young Filmmakers’ Competition for budding directors and producers aged between 10 and 18 years old in Chiswick and the surrounding area as part of the forthcoming second annual Chiswick in Film Festival. The top three films will be showcased as part of a special screening at CIFF2023 celebrating the local area.

Individual tickets can be bought for all screenings and events at The Chiswick Cinema, but there is also a wide variety of membership options available to give the best value and a deeper experience. For film fans and avid cinema-goers, the cinema offers a variety of memberships from Classic, under 25s and Gold memberships, with the perks including free tickets, increased discounts on food, beverages and private cinema hire. Screen Arts shows are also included in the membership free tickets, making these memberships truly unique in the sector.

For those seeking the ultimate cinema experience, Platinum Membership is available for £400 a year, or £750 a year for a Plus Membership until 18th September in a limited offer. Premium events are also included for these Members plus other perks.  With events ranging from beer tasting on the terrace with a brewer flown in from Austria, to a behind the scenes walk around at Metropolis Studios, the membership opportunities are endless. The price returns to £450 or £850 for a Plus Membership after this, making now the best time to sign up for maximum value.

Two Years of the Chiswick Cinema - Taycan Lounge Launch Night
Chiswick Cinema's Taycan Lounge on its launch night

The top Platinum and Platinum Plus memberships give unlimited annual membership for one or two people throughout the year, as well as discounts on food and drink and free offers, events and experiences, meaning you are guaranteed not to miss out on a single screening.

“Most people will agree there’s nothing quite like watching a movie at the cinema,” says Alasdair Jakes, Group Marketing Manager at Porsche Retail Group. The Chiswick Cinema has partnered with Porsche Centre West London to sponsor its Founder Members' bar which was relaunched as the Taycan Lounge earlier this year. Whether you are seeing a film or not, the Taycan Lounge run by former Michelin-star restauranteur and Head Chef Redmond Hayward always delivers a dynamic menu. From seasonal small plates perfect for tasting or sharing; to fine dining set menu centrepieces, the dining experience is like nothing you have seen before at a cinema.

Two Years of the Chiswick Cinema - Taycan Lounge
The Chiswick Cinema Taycan Lounge, the relaunched Founder Members Bar in partnership with Porsche

“You can watch a movie almost anywhere now, like you can drive any car to get to your destination, but it’s the “nothing quite like” which sets our two offerings apart from the rest and is why we at Porsche Centre West London were so keen to work with The Chiswick Cinema,” said Alasdair.

For that extra indulgence, in-screen dining means that staff will deliver your order directly to your screen before the film begins, a rare cinema experience! The café-bar is also the place to find film fans mingling with film stars at exclusive Q&A events, giving access in a relaxed and informal environment.

As part of the larger Trafalgar Entertainment group, which also includes Trafalgar Releasing, the global leader in event cinema distribution, The Chiswick Cinema has been able to lean on the organisation's expertise in the entertainment industry. The relationship has allowed the venue to tap into Trafalgar Entertainment's extensive network of industry experience and resources, providing valuable support since its opening.

"The emergence of new high-quality venues such as The Chiswick Cinema represent not only growth in the exhibition sector overall, but also contributes to the continued success and expansion of event cinema,” said Marc Allenby, CEO of Trafalgar Releasing.

Learn more about the Chiswick Cinema and explore their membership options here.