The Chelsea Flower Show Returns in Full Bloom

Words by
Candice Tucker

15th May 2024

The quintessentially British spectacle, the Chelsea Flower Show is back showcasing the very best of horticulture, design and innovation. Held annually by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) in the elegant grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, this year’s show, from 21st-25th May, is set to impress the greatest garden aficionados.

One of the best elements about the Chelsea Flower Show, is that there is something for everyone. Whether finding inspiration for your small garden patio in central London or larger grounds in the countryside, the Chelsea Flower show is simply a celebration of nature, which is available to everyone.

Chelsea Flower Show - Giant fake bee in a garden
Celebrating all forms of nature at the Chelsea Flower Show 2023

This year, there is a great focus on sustainability. Gemma Lake, Chelsea Show Manager, says “We are proving that great design and sustainability go hand in hand.” Reducing the environmental impact of RHS Shows has long been a priority. This year, efforts are being made through a focus on eco-friendly garden builds and relocations. Gemma explains, “This year we are working closely with all our garden designers to bring the most sustainable gardens we can to the show. They are using eco- techniques, low carbon materials and processes that are not only reducing their impact on the environment, but also reducing our waste at the end of the show.”

Birmingham Stand - flowers and plant installations surrounding a plaque for the city of Birmingham
City of Birmingham stand in the Great Pavillion. RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023.

The iconic Show Gardens lining Main Avenue and Sanctuary and Feature Gardens is where you’ll be transported to realms of botanical beauty, like you’ve never seen before, with each garden sharing its own story.

Water Aid - A CGI of a bridge with arches in a garden
WaterAid Garden, Show Garden, designed by Tom Massey and Je Ahn. To view at the Chelsea Flower Show 2024

For those finding possibilities for their smaller gardens and patios, the Balcony and Container Gardens provides ingenious ways to cultivate greenery in smaller, constrained environments, showing how nature can be incorporated just about anywhere!

Geb & Green - A green laundry room surrounded by green plants
Geb & Green: Steam. Clean. Plant. Repeat. House Plant Studios. RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023.

The true heart of the Chelsea Flower Show lies within the enchanting Floral Marquee. In this botanical wonderland, visitors immerse themselves in the smells and sights of floral displays whilst engaging with expert growers. Finding rare specimens and unique floral arrangements created by artists, the Floral Marquee is always a highlight of the show.

Carly Rogers - arches of flowers and leaves on grass at the Chelsea Flower Show
Carly Rogers: Dreamscape. Floral Art. RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023.

As the Chelsea Flower Show blossoms once again, it reaffirms its status as a premier showcase of botanical brilliance and a beacon of inspiration for gardeners around the globe. Whether you're seeking design inspiration, practical gardening tips, or simply a day immersed in the splendour of nature, the Chelsea Flower show awaits!

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