Best London Mocktail Bars for Dry January

Words by
Pippa Lowe

10th January 2024

Dry January is upon us, but doesn't have to feel like a challenge. For those partaking, Pippa Lowe has selected six of the best London mocktail bars to grab a drink this year. Whether low alcohol takes on menu staples or upscale bars shaking alternative martinis. Both flavour kicks and health kicks brimming in highball glasses, making us wake up feeling even better the next morning for once.

Keeping it Classic - The American Bar

London Dry January - The American Bar
The Sober Spirits Old Fashioned at The American Bar, The Stafford London

As one of the oldest surviving American Bars in London, The American Bar at The Stafford Hotel is going traditional with their choice of non-alcoholic cocktails this Dry January. Going with a beloved classic, an Old Fashioned, can seem a risky task when attempting to rejig into a mocktail. However, all elements have been kept the same – from festive orange peel to the balance of angostura bitters – with one subtle twist. The featured Bourbon, from Sober Spirits, is completely non-alcoholic. The whisky is birthed from 100% spirit with an added step of distillation to remove ethanol content. Retaining a typically woody Bourbon tasting profile that can pull tricks on the tastebuds when disguised in a seemingly normal Old Fashioned.

For those partial to a lemon-wedged G&T during all other months of the year, French 99 is a sure winner. Featuring Sober Spirits 0.0% Gin, swirled with tart lemon and topped with Kombucha for a health kick. With all the zest included.

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Cool and Clandestine - Scales

London Dry January - Scales
A minimalsit non-alcoholic cocktail from Scales, featuring an ice cube emblazoned with the Scales emblem

Hidden beneath Drink with Sasha on Duke Street is Scales, a coolly clandestine cocktail bar led by the specialist mixology of Din and Engji. For Dry January, the pair have developed three delicately fresh non-alcoholic (and low ABV) drinks. Each named after their featured non-alcoholic Everleaf spirit. Forest - made up of Everleaf Forest blended with vibrant raspberry and a finishing fizz of grapefruit soda. Marine - a uniquely fragrant and foam-topped blend of Everleaf Marine, pandan and lemon. Leaving the final drink: Mountain, made using Everleaf Mountain. Although not entirely non-alcoholic because of the presence of Shiso Vodka, Mountain still has a low ABV and is carried with the fruity and mellow flavors of apple and fennel.

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Artistically Sound - Bar 45

London Dry January  - Bar 45
Bar 45 offer a unique range of art deco-inspired cocktails, now going mocktail for Dry January

If there’s one bar that delivers on pleasing the eye, it’s on the other side of the revolving door at 45 Park Lane. Pouring art deco-inspired blends into coupes, Bar 45 is bringing options to the menu for those sporting the challenge of Dry January this year. From the sweet and floral Cracklin’ Rose blended with lychee, raspberry and cranberry – topped with the syrupy goodness of grenadine. To a simply herbal Everglow - a glass of Everleaf Mountain muddled with lime and basil. Pineapple sneaks its way into the final two mocktails. Mixed with passion fruit and nutty orgeat syrup to create Double Happiness or in the form of roasted pineapple soda accompanied with Everleaf Marine and citrus to form the playfully named Chunky Monkey. We don't doubt that these will be just as artistically sound as their existing cocktails - only minus the alcohol. 

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The Pop-Up - Torstig

London Dry January  - Torstig
Torstig's non-alcoholic espresso martini

From Brighton to Hoxton with love, but no alcohol. Torstig, named after the Danish adjective for thirsty, sadly isn’t in London to stay. Appearing as a pop up for two weeks between the 5th to the 20th January in Kingsland Road, Hoxton. Torstig is an ode to Denmark beyond the snappy name, honing the low and alcohol-free culture of Copenhagen. With over 250 drinks to choose from, Torstig are deservingly the Official Bar of Dry January 2024. Everything from wines to beers and of course signature cocktails from espresso martinis to margaritas. There is an equivalent for everybody’s usual order at Torstig – whether a loyal pint drinker or Negroni devotee.

Learn more and book Torstig London here

The Marylebone Mexican - Cavita

London Dry January - Cavita
An energy-boosting mocktail from Cavita's Mexican inspired range

Marylebone-based Mexican restaurant, Cavita, hides a bar beneath the surface to escape the mid-winter chill this Dry January. Both sticking with and reimagining Mexican tradition with their non-alcoholic selection. From faux margaritas incorporating the kick of lemongrass tea to the berry lime fusion of Nopa Loma and a classic homemade Horchata crafted from rice milk, ripe strawberries and sweet cinnamon. Cavita is a humble spot to quench thirst responsibly whilst sitting imagining yourself in Cancun or Guadalajara. Certainly one way to get through January in the UK.

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Suave Sipping - Vesper Bar

London Dry January - Vesper Bar
Vesper Bar continue to bring nothing short of class with their non-alcoholic cocktails

Home to the Vesper martini, as featured in the James Bond novel Casino Royale, the Vesper Bar at The Dorchester strives for brilliance from all angles. For Dry January, three refined choices are available. Mrs Smith encapsulates a garden-fresh orchard of apples and pears, mixed using Seedlip Garden and topped with a hint of cardamon. St John’s Gold is reminiscent of balmy summer sun with bright elements of apricot, lemon and honey – finished with an unexpected grape soda fizz. Finally, Forbidden Fruit. Bringing together lesser seen ingredients of pomegranate molasses and blood orange jelly in a delicate assembly of pink pepper tonic, rose petal infused champagne and Everleaf Mountain. A sustainable and low-alcohol option for suave sipping.

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