Drinking ahead: The LOUIS XIII Time Collection with NFC tech

Words by
Simon Brooke

15th July 2020

New from the Rémy Cointreau Group, the luxury cognac brand’s innovative new release comes with built-in Near-field Communication in its cork stopper

Luxury might be regarded as an innately conservative business but over recent years it’s been embracing new technology. With the shopping environment facing uncertainty LOUIS XIII Cognac is rethinking the use of an increasingly common piece of tech to create some of that much needed retail theatre in the hands and homes of consumers.

Part of the Rémy Cointreau Group and produced in the Cognac region, LOUIS XIII has launched the LOUIS XIII Time Collection II with NFC (Near-field Communication) technology in the cork stopper. Each decanter connects you directly to the LOUIS XIII Society, a private members' club where guests can enjoy unique experiences and personalised services through their smartphones.

Drinking ahead: The LOUIS XIII Time Collection with NFC Tech

The innovative technology will allow consumers to access exclusive content. Where newcomers once had to register their decanter on the official LOUIS XIII Society website by manually entering the decanter's dedicated product number, now it's as simple as removing the seal and tapping an NFC-enabled smartphone to the stopper.