The Stanley Tucci Drinking Game!

Words by
Andy Morris
Photography by

1st March 2022

Having a Big Night in watching the charismatic actor's new travelogue around Italy? Enjoy a drink while you do by following these easy steps...

In the middle of a global pandemic with the threat of World War 3 breaking out at any moment, sometimes a little comfort viewing is required. As such we heartily recommend Stanley Tucci’s delightful CNN documentary series Searching For Italy, where he chats to chefs and locals, looking suave and consuming some of the finest ingredients on Earth. Consider it the equivalent of The Trip, only with fewer Michael Caine impressions and more Negronis.

For added effect, SPHERE presents the Stanley Tucci drinking game. Take a shot of limoncello, Grappa or espresso every time Mr Tucci does one of the following:

Expresses surprise that he couldn’t cook a dish as well at home.

Mentions a “secret ingredient” (do a double shot of he implies that this is down to him being duped by a crafty nonna).

Utters the phrase "So good."

Sniffs a horse bone.

Lightly skips over some of the grimmer elements of offal.

Mentions carbs.

Expresses surprise that a dish, prepared properly, is “not dry."

Expresses faux annoyance that his wife Felicity is also on this trip.

Has an uncomfortable dinner with a right-winger.

Intensely studies a whole wheel of cheese 

Refers to himself as "Italian on both sides."

Describe how "even my nostrils are salivating."

Watch Searching For Italy on BBC IPlayer.