Orient Express to Redesign Rome Hotel 

Words by
Lee Cassanell

11th July 2022

New décor and interior inspired by the splendour and history of the “Eternal City”

orient express Hugo Toro

Orient Express have chosen architect and designer Hugo Toro to redesign the interior of Orient Express La Minerva hotel in Rome.

Born on the French-German border to a Mexican mother and a French father, Toro is the interior architect behind the designs of the Gigi restaurants in Paris, Val d'Isère and Ramatuelle, in addition to apartments and private Parisian mansions. Recently he designed Booking Office 1869, the new restaurant in the 19th-century ticket hall at St Pancras station

“Orient Express has found its ideal stopover in Rome," says Hugo Toro:

 “It is a symbolic city that evokes emotion and amazement in everyone who visits. It is a place that feels like magic, imprinted by marks of history and a rich palette of textures, materials and colours. All of this is in perfect harmony with the mysterious and travel-focused identity of Orient Express.”

The new décor and interior of Orient Express, inspired by history of the Rome, is expected to be completed in 2024