The Craft: Manolo Blahnik's Virtual Archives

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Sphere Editors

17th October 2023

Manolo Blahnik's virtual archives have been transformed. Introducing The Craft, a virtual insight into the eight key steps of shoemaking that go into the chic designs of Manolo. 

Manolo Blahnik originally debuted their award-winning virtual experience in 2021 to celebrate the label’s 50th birthday revealing the extensive house archives for the very first time to the global public. Now, two years later, they have reworked the virtual archives to celebrate the steps of artisanry and craftsmanship that go into the making of their shoes.

Manolo Blahnik Virtual Archives - xydrobe
The Manolo Blahnik xydrobe

Designed by Manolo Blahnik’s CEO Kristina Blahnik, the house’s signature polka dot motif found its way into the platform as a backdrop for the page. With other nods to the house’s legacy including the experience’s centre point resembling the designer’s desk. For those of us that have seen Clueless, Cher’s digital wardrobe system springs to mind. However Manolo’s virtual fashion archive is sure to cover much more history.

Manolo Blahnik Virtual Archives - the making
An image inside the making of Manolo Blahnik shoes

Breaking open the anatomy of a shoe and displaying eight different key areas of their shoemaking: Design, Construction, Typologies, Techniques, Accessories, Materials, the Making and Men's. This experience allows guests to really know the process that goes into what they buy from the designer. Only making the brands’ dazzling designs more authentic to the public eye.

Manolo Blahnik Virtual Archives - the virtual craft room
The Virtual Archive

The Craft room is now live to explore on