Five Minutes with Nina Marenzi of Future Fashion Expo

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21st June 2023

What’s next for luxury? Nina Marenzi is reinventing the future of fashion with her incredible exhibition Future Fabrics Expo, which highlights innovative next generation textiles. This year the show partners with LVMH and Alexander McQueen to showcase new generation fabrics.

My personal style signature isanything hand me down or vintage, I like to find hidden gems and I am a firm believer that second hand is best

Future Fabrics Expo sprung from… the realization that designers and creatives need a central, curated sourcing platform that brings the best, certified, innovative materials that are responsibly and sustainably produced together - plus the need of this being supported by educational information.  It allow creatives, sourcing teams and fabrics developers to become agents of change themselves so they can create fashion that has a positive impact on people and the planet.

Five Minutes with Nina Marenzi of Future Fashion Expo
Nina Marenzi is the founder of The Sustainable Angle and Future Fabrics Expo, now in its 11th year.

This year there are thousands of fabrics, materials and innovations at the Expo which represent real, commercially available alternatives to the polluting and toxic textiles that are conventionally used… a materials revolution is really underway! They include textiles from regenerative agriculture farming systems, agricultural waste, cellulosics such as Tencel, Lyocell and Rebfibra Technology by Lenzing Group; sustainable silks, responsibly produced leather and innovative alternatives to animal skins.

For example did you know…that the UK has over 60 different breeds of sheep - and many of them are not coarse, quite the opposite.

Five Minutes with Nina Marenzi of Future Fashion Expo
Future Fabrics Expo features thousands of next generation fabrics for the luxury industry to use, and features a showcase from LVMH on their sustainable fabrics

Ultimately My mission in my work… through The Sustainable Angle and the Expo is to enable the fashion industry, and the creatives working in it, to question, rethink and redesign everything: ultimately, this industry needs to be in service to the planet and not against it.

 I’m never bored by the sustainable fashion scene becauseto me it is an ecosystem that is filled with brilliant, creative change makers that are advancing sustainability - how could you ever get bored of that?!

 The highlight of my career so far has to beachieving the 10th anniversary of the Future Fabrics Expo in 2022, seeing Future Fabrics Expo at our venue in Greenwich, over 3200sqm, despite Brexit and covid challenges - that was a real moment to cherish.

Five Minutes with Nina Marenzi of Future Fashion Expo
Sustainable silk is among many planet-friendly fabrics at Future Fabrics Expo

The neighbourhood I ended up in London iswherever there is a good farmers market!

 What I love most about London that my home town in Switzerland doesn’t offer is… you can get lost - and discover new inspiring neighbourhoods.

 If I could change one thing about London… it would be to reduce air pollution.

My go-to London restaurant isstreet food markets.

My favourite London store isPetersham Nurseries.

Five Minutes with Nina Marenzi of Future Fashion Expo
The gardens at Petersham Nursery

My current favourite piece of clothing is myPachacuti summer hat.

The music I keep going back to is Johnny Guitar Watson.

The books I’m currently obsessed with isThe choice: Embrace the possible by Edith Eger

The beauty staple I never leave home without is… is a Hawaiian scented beeswax balm.

The next question on my mind is.. what else can we do to achieve 2030 targets, meaning reducing almost halve of all emissions in the fashion industry in less than 7 years!

Future Fashion Expo, June 26-28, at Magazine London, 11 Ordnance Crescent, Greenwich, London, SE10 0JH