The Macallan meets McCartneys with The Harmony Collection

Words by
Pippa Lowe

17th October 2023

Stella and Mary McCartney have collaborated with The Macallan to bring us The Harmony Collection's third release, along with a range of refined lifestyle pieces. Join Pippa Lowe at Rosewood London to explore the innovative spaces created in celebration of the launch, nodding to the serene greenery of the Scottish Highlands. 

Macallan McCartney Harmony Collection - The third Harmony Collection

Photography by Mary McCartney

Amber Meadow and Green Meadow whiskies from the third release of The Harmony Collection

Stella and Mary McCartney have partnered with The Macallan on an exciting third release of The Harmony Collection, in addition to eleven unique lifestyle pieces. You may wonder what ties the creative sisters in with the heritage of The Macallan. Simply, it's Scotland. The pair of single malt whiskies: Amber Meadow and Green Meadow, hone inspiration from the fond memories the sisters spent in the Scottish countryside as children. Here we take a look inside the launch of The Harmony Collection's third instalment and explore the incredible spaces created at Rosewood London, encapsulating the essence of both the amber and green meadows.

Macallan McCartney Harmony Collection - amber meadow
A view of the 'sun' in Rosewood London's courtyard from inside the amber meadow

We begin at The Holborn Dining Room, greeted with a Macallan-based cocktail and a dainty sprig of white heather to pop in my breast pocket, we set on our way outside to the amber meadow space. The glowing ‘sun’ hung low over the courtyard of Rosewood London, washing every branch of the enchanting meadow with a warming amber hue that felt homely despite being outside in the chilly October air. Encircled by a hand built dry-stone wall, this slice of Speyside allows escapism for anyone wanting a moment away from the hectic buzz of High Holborn. Every aspect was real, from the native trees of The Macallan estate, to the chamomile and rosemary - deemed the culprit of the sweet herbal scent everyone was asking about. The shimmering dew remaining from the most recent rainfall only added to the wonder of this calmly nostalgic space. One coating of snow and this is the closest you'll get to Narnia without the use of a wardrobe.

Macallan McCartney Harmony Collection - Green Meadow
Inside the green meadow terrace space at Rosewood London

Can we have a moment? One of Mary McCartney’s favourite sayings now sparks across the modern chic setting of the Rosewood terrace in neon lights. Neighbouring the amber meadow and contrasting as a social space to represent the green meadow. Some people frown upon combining whisky with mixers, especially a prestigious brand as The Macallan. But this terrace transformation breaks free of this long-standing idea, introducing whisky as a more sociable drink by featuring The Macallan single malts in carefully crafted cocktails that complement the notes in a tasteful way rather than suppressing the full flavour of the whiskies.

Macallan McCartney Harmony Collection - Sisters
The McCartney sisters pictured riverside

Illustrating day turning to night, Green Meadow is fresh with citrus and wild primrose transporting you to a crisp morning surrounded by the Scottish landscape. Whilst Amber Meadow is slightly richer with a more complex finish featuring elements of melon and oak on the palate, complete with the aroma reminiscent of warmly ripe barley fields.

Wander through the amber meadow or bask in the green light of the transformed terrace (Cranachan punch in hand) at Rosewood London. The remarkable spaces will be open for the next month so, can we have a moment? and go.

Learn more about Amber Meadow and Green Meadow from the third release of The Harmony Collection and explore the pieces of TOGETHER: a collection for The Macallan by Stella and Mary McCartney.

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