Rémy Martin XO, 300th Anniversary Limited Edition

Words by
Joel Harrison

29th November 2023

Introducing Rémy Martin XO - 300th Anniversary Limited Edition, the latest release of their classic XO expression celebrating 300 years of exceptional cognac making.

There are few luxury brands in the world with a motif as distinctive as that on a bottle of Rémy Martin. The iconic XO bottling showcases a centaur, javelin hoisted and in full throw, aiming for the stars.

Rémy Martin XO 300th Anniversary - Merpins Estate
The cellars at the historic Merpins Estate are home to a vast and varied collection

This XO is the first release from Rémy Martin in a series of anniversary designs, celebrating three centuries of fine cognac making. The chalk-white terroir of the Grande and Petite Champagne regions, from which Rémy Martin exclusively draws its eaux-de-vie, are reflected in the opulent gold and white flashes on the outer packaging, in which the centaur proudly stands. Opening the gift box, the centaur parts, as a fan reveals the treasure he is so closely guarding. The decanter inside displays its unique dappled gold livery.

Rémy Martin XO 300th Anniversary - Champagne Vineyards
Rémy Martin’s Grande Champagne vineyards showcase the most sustainable and quality-focused viticultural methods

In Rémy Martin’s latest release of its classic XO expression, it is the centaur who takes centre stage, appearing on a newly designed box surrounded by an embossed pattern of diagonal spears. Within the box’s pattern, the centaur is highlighted by a burst of energetic light shimmering from the pack.

Captured within each decanter is a high-end XO cognac crafted from hundreds of hand-selected eaux-de-vie, expertly blended by Rémy Martin’s cellar master Baptiste Loiseau, whose exceptional skill shows off the full aromatic complexity of this Extra Old Cognac Fine Champagne.

Rémy Martin XO 300th Anniversary - Bottle shot
Rémy Martin XO 300th Anniversary Limited Edition, £155

The result is a masterpiece in cognac making that is at once rich and oily, yet subtle and lithe, bringing together a subtle blend of old oak notes with light floral tones, and exceptional aromatic complexity. 

A true classic, reimagined to celebrate 300 years of exceptional cognac making, the Rémy Martin XO 300th Anniversary Limited Edition is perfect for celebrating any occasion.  

The Rémy Martin XO 300th Anniversary Limited Edition is available at Fortnum & Mason, £155