5 Minutes With... Georgia Spray

Words by
Andy Morris

16th December 2021

To mark the last days of her spectacular pop-up exhibition 'In The Flesh', the founder of Partnership Editions discusses home decor, HBO dramas and the most luxurious city one can visit by train. 

Favourite home luxury?
I've found myself collecting candlesticks recently. I think good lighting is so important to make a home feel cosy and lit candles at dinner or in your sitting room when reading a book can create such a nice atmosphere. 
Young artist to look out for?
I am excited to be working with two new ceramicist artists - Pollyanna Johnson and Joseph Dupre. Among his many creations, Joseph creates amazing animals designs, such as dogs and birds, which are on my Christmas list. 
Favourite TV show?
I've been watching The Sopranos now for a whole year, I am just about to come to the end of the last season and feel like I know the characters so well! 
Holiday destination?
For me, nothing beats a weekend away in Paris to sit in traditional brasseries and go to museums. I love that it's so close and you can pop on the Eurostar.
Next big trend?
We recently launched Partnership Editions Home - which is based on the idea that everything in your home can be a work of art from your cushions to your crockery (as well as what's on the walls). I think this is a trend that will stick as people come to appreciate art in its many forms. 
Favourite piece of tech?
Probably my Airpods so I can listen to a podcast or audio book on the go.
What does luxury mean to you?
At the moment, I think time and family are the biggest luxury.

In The Flesh is open on 105 Pimlico Road, London until Saturday 18 December at 1pm. https://partnershipeditions.com/