5 Minutes With... Jack Guinness

Words by
Andy Morris

6th December 2021

Earlier this year bon viveur, model and rake Jack Guinness collected together a remarkable collection of essays on the LGBTQ experience, The Queer Bible, including contributions from everyone from Sir Elton John to Queer Eye's Tan France. Here he reveals his love of French streetwear, Clooney's tequila and why you should take a Google Pixel on your next trip.

Biggest surprise working on The Queer Bible?
I learned so much - from community trailblazers like Lady Phyll, the openness of Elton John (his essay is so moving, frank and honest), the humour and joy of Graham Norton's piece and Munroe Bergdorf's chapter is a call to arms to protect, honour and celebrate our trans family.

If there is a sequel to The Queer Bible, who would you love to include?
There are so many other parts of our community that I want to platform and celebrate. In terms of big names, the dream would be if RuPaul wrote an essay. I wrote my chapter about him so it would be a complete full circle.

Favourite fashion label?
Ralph Lauren is classic - you can build an entire wardrobe and mix and match timeless pieces. AMI PARIS is a very exciting label - absolutely love their pieces - directional, fun and effortlessly cool.

Holiday destination you would recommend?
Barbados. The funnest, most beautiful place I've ever been. The locals are incredible and they've just become a Republic - so there's lots to celebrate!

Favourite TV show?
Curb Your Enthusiasm is a much needed light relief at the moment. Mare Of Easttown, while heavy, was a revelation. 

Best party you went to in 2021?
The GQ Awards was incredible. It was one of the first big events post lock down and being reunited with pals was so fun. The Queer Bible book launch was very moving - a room full of LGBTQ+ people reunited and celebrating our history with readings from me and Russell Tovey, drag queens, and flowing Moet was an absolute delight.

Your watch of choice?
My dream is to own a vintage Cartier. 

What bottle never leaves your cocktail cabinet?
Love Casamigos tequila. Quatre Vin or Bird In Hand wines are delicious.

Tip for next big thing?
I'm loving watching the LGBTQ+ community thrive this year. Visibility is so important. Munroe Bergdorf has been such a powerful voice for our community and actors like Omari Douglas from It's A Sin will be blowing up next year.

Favourite piece of tech?
Love the new Google Pixel phone - the camera is incredible. It does live translation which is brilliant when you're travelling and you're rubbish at languages (I'm good at accents though).

What should everyone know about buying property?
All the stresses of renting - dealing with landlords, housemates etc- get replaced with a different set of stresses! All in all, if it's possible, it's worth it!

What does luxury mean to you?
Luxury should mean timeless craftsmanship and quality that lasts.

The Queer Bible by Jack Guinness is out now (Harper Collins)