5 Minutes With... Rosewood's Michael Bonsor

Words by
Andy Morris

8th June 2022

The suave Managing Director of Rosewood London discusses pre-batched Negronis, the group's new hotel in Mayfair and what happened when a guest wanted an elephant trio to turn up to their property in Holborn.

What's new for Rosewood London for summer?
La Veranda by Patron is our stunning new alfresco restaurant and bar pop-up for the summer, which launches mid-June. Think hacienda courtyard with ponds and fountains, luscious agave plants, delicious cocktails and the finest Mexican cuisine. Go for one of the corner tables on the terrace and try the Margarita and fresh ceviche.  It is going to be extra special this summer. 

What particularly excites you about The Chancery Rosewood, set to open in Mayfair in 2024?
Everything! The Chancery Rosewood is a game changer in the luxury hotel sphere in London. The team that are currently working on the design of the property leave me in utter amazement at what they are doing – this level of luxury and sophistication partnered with finest location in the city is going to set this hotel apart from all others. 

What's the next big trend in hospitality?
Every year I do a reset on my health – resorts such as Buchinger and Vivamayr have been doing this for years in Europe, assisting us in leading healthier lifestyles. Soon there will be luxury hotel options of this where you can have a more medical approach to wellness and all of the luxury of a 5-star hotel. 

What's been the most unusual request you've had from a guest?
"Can the courtyard of the hotel bear the weight of 3 elephants?" Requested for an event that we recently hosted. And yes it can!

What should everyone be wearing this summer?
Tunics and sleeveless tops are back – I love what Erdem has done. His designs are exemplary, and his headquarters are close to the hotel. And of course, for this season you have to go retro with sandals - Dries Van Noten have some great options.

Best travel accessory?
I wish I could take her on every trip, so that would have to be Coco my golden retriever puppy. Hate spending time apart from here – despite her naughtiness. 

What's been your best recent fashion purchase?
Alexander McQueen and Gucci are my go-to brands. I just recently bought from the latter a Hawaiian printed bowling shirt.

Favourite London restaurant?
I love Louie on West Street in London. With a vastly different menu to anything else in London right now, uber chic and trendy with a first-floor restaurant that is perfectly formed and a fun bar upstairs for late night rendezvous. 

Favourite restaurant internationally and why?
It has to be L’Ecrin at Hotel Crillon, A Rosewood Hotel in Paris – a true jewel box of a restaurant where wine sets the tone of the experience. 

What is your holiday destination of choice and why?
Hands down the Maldives, the only place I switch off and truly relax from the minute I step off the seaplane. 

What should everyone know about buying property?
You’re going to spend more than you budgeted.

Which artist should we check out?
I always turn to my dear friend Matt Nicholson from Visual Artists to point me in the right direction. Right now, I love photography from Damien de Blinkk and Dean Rogers.

What is your watch of choice and why?
Cartier: for classic beauty and timeless elegance. 

What bottle never leaves your cocktail cabinet?
A pre-batched Negroni from Scarfes Bar at Rosewood London. 

What is your favourite hotel in Britain and why?
We love the Fife Arms in Braemar by Hauser & Wirth. It is located in the most spectacular setting, right in the heart of the Cairngorms. It is the perfect place to switch off your phone, sit beneath a Picasso and enjoy a whisky or two! 

What does luxury mean to you?
That I do not need to make decisions, they are made for me.