Tom Davies on his month ahead in the capital

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Sphere Life

5th December 2017

Following the opening of the a new flagship store in Covent Garden, Tom Davies, founder of eponymous British eyewear brand seeks out his favourite haunts in London.

Tom Davies

Tom Davies

A walk you are looking forward to doing?

I opened my new factory in Brentford a few weeks ago. It takes as long to walk there as it does to drive, due to a handy footbridge over the Thames. I was excited to make the first walk to my new factory. 

A new book you want to read?

Well.... I suppose I should have something inspirational to put down here but the truth is, I'm about to read the last book written by Terry Pratchett... I've been saving it.

Which bars will you be visiting?

My Design Manager has been badgering me to go to Midnight Apothecary. I'm going next week!

Which cafes?

I've just moved to Petersham, London and although I've been to Petersham Nurseries a few times, I'm looking forward to visiting more often as a local.

Which new restaurants?

I am looking forward to going to The Ivy in Richmond which opened a few months back.  I've had two bookings I've had to cancel, they will be getting fed up with me!

The Ivy
Any in the know shops you might go to – florists/ hat shop/ umbrella shop etc.

Ah, well, the only shop anyone needs to know about in London is the new Covent Garden Tom Davies store.  On the Royal Arcade side. It opened in September and it’s the most innovative and exciting opticians you've ever seen.

Tom Davies store interior

Tom Davies store interior

Where might you get a lovely spa treatment done or where do you enjoy fitness?

I treat myself to a Sarah Chapman facial every few months near my Sloane Square store.  It’s like having a lovely relaxing massage, without all the faff.

Your favourite hidden spot in London?

I love Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park.  Go there with a Picnic in the summer and you will fall in love with it.  It’s also amazing in spring, perhaps more so.

Your favourite London brand and why?

There are so many to choose from...  I'm going to say Paul Smith, because his suits make me happy.

Isabella Plantation

Isabella Plantation at Richmond Park