Something for the Weekend

Words by
Lee Cassanell

19th May 2022

Wash down your wine with a shot of nitro glycerin.


The Real Wine Fair

Described as a “celebration of the labour, craft and skill of small independent vine growers”, The Real Wine Fair is a fiesta of natural plonk at Tobacco Dock. 

Real wine is a term to describe genre of  wines that are made organically, biodynamically and naturally.

Featuring over 170 winemakers from around the world, a host of guest speakers and a plethora of street food stalls to keep your belly full between glasses.

All of the wines on show at the fair will be available to purchase from an on-site shop created specifically for the event. There will also be a series of seminars and master-classes on themes surrounding natural wine, as well as other exceptional  attractions.




A remake of Henri Georges Clouzot’s ‘Wages of Fear’, William Friedkin’s ‘Sorcerer’ was a giant box-office bomb that sullied the director’s post-Exorcist reputation of being the hot helmsman in Hollywood. 

Released after Star Wars, it’s easy to see how a movie that begins with 15 minutes of non-english dialogue and featuring a host unsympathetic characters didn’t draw the 1977 audiences in, but in retrospect, Sorcerer is a relentless and sweaty nail-biting masterpiece. 

A group of criminals on the run find themselves in a godforsaken South American mining town. When a fire breaks out in the mine, they given the opportunity to transport boxes of nitroglycerin through the jungle in pair of trucks — sounds easy, right?

The problem is that any bump in the road could cause the nitroglycerin to explode, and our band of desperados have to drive along dirt roads, cross rickety bridges, traverse roaring rovers and avoid gun-toting bandits.

The tension, on occasion, is almost unbearable and you’ll hold you breath so many times it might be a good idea to have an oxygen tank on standby. 

Led by Roy Scheider (Jaws), who gives a career best performance, the casting across the board is perfection and Friedkin’s talent is clearly on show. Throw in a soundtrack by Tangerine Dream and you have all the ingredients of an unfairly maligned classic that deserves your immediate attention.



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