Something for the Weekend

Words by
Lee Cassanell

16th June 2022

Festival fever and last minute Father's Day gifts

black deer festival

MUSIC - The Black Deer Festival 
If you’re in the mood to get out of London and enjoy some, drink, food and music this weekend, The Black Deer Festival in Tumbridge Welles still has tickets available. Billed as an Americana and Country music festival, you’ll find the likes of Van Morrison , The Waterboys, Wilco, James and the brilliant Dead South on stage with a smorgasboard of other acts from around the globe. There’s a kidzone, BBQ, numerous bars and a cocktail tent. What more do you need for a scorching weekend in a random field in Kent?

FILM - A Star is Born (1954) 
Anyone who thinks Judy Garland peaked in the Wizard of Oz will be stunned by her performance as the aspiring singer taken under the wing of fading matinee idol, James Mason. It was the second most expensive movie ever made at the time of its release and recieved rave reviews, but some accusations of it being ‘too long’ led to Warner Brothers re-cutting the film, to its detriment, and many of the scenes they butchered are thought to be lost forever.  A 1983 re-cut of the movie inserted still photographs to replace those missing scenes —- and if this is that version it’s a bit of a head-spinner – but Garland is so good, that despite the myriad of mess-ups this movie has suffered, it’s still one of the all-time greats. 
A Star is Born is showing at the BFI Southbank on Sunday 19th June and Saturday 25th June 2022 .

Collaborating with The Marine Conservation Society, a UK based charity dedicated to education, advocacy and action to protect the ocean, they have created  a limited edition timepiece ideal for an environmentally conscience dad. A minimum of 5% of sales of each watch will go towards the funding of work undertaken by the Marine Conservation Society for a cleaner, better protected, and healthier ocean.