Something for the Weekend

Words by
Lee Cassanell

30th June 2022

Art, Elvis & Beer.

Art Reframed

Combining “boundary-pushing yet always affordable works with immersive installations, performances and the odd tattoo or taxidermy class”, The Other Art Fair returns for 2022 with ‘Art Reframed’ at West Handyside Canopy, Kings Cross. Featuring works from 110 independent artists available to purchase, immersive installations, performances, DJs – and a fully stocked bar, this haven for art lovers is well worth a visit over the weekend.



If you have three hours (including adverts) to spare, Baz Lurhman’s bonkers but brilliant Elvis movie is a must-see.

Austin Butler’s astonishing turn as ‘The King’ will almost certainly see him on the top of most lists come award season and whilst Tom Hank’s over the top take on Colonel Tom Parker has been vilified by some critics, the theatricality of his performance fits Lurhman’s aesthetic. You’ll enter the cinema thinking ‘surely it can’t be that good?’ and by the time the credits role, you’ll be wondering where you can purchase a sequin jumpsuit and cape. 

Elvis is showing at cinemas nationwide.


The Bermondsey Beer Mile

A “loose amalgamation of brewery bars and bottle shops”, The Bermondsey Beer Mile has become something of a London legend.

Located along a stretch of railway arches, the odyssey begins at Maltby Street Market where willing revellers load up on Salt Beef Sandwiches and a plethora of stunning streetfood to line their stomachs for the marathon ahead.  What follows is around 19 venues serving up beer and cider, the majority of which is brewed on site and with revolving and evolving variations of liquid refreshment, there’s always something delicious and interesting to sample.  Embracing the half-pint glass rather than the pint on your travels will be the wisest move you make all week.