Things to Talk About Other Than Politics and Heatwaves

Words by
Lee Cassanell

20th July 2022

Bored of talking about politics and climate change catastrophes? We’re here to help. 

bored ape

With the current discourse dominated by politics, climate change and heatwaves, you may be craving to converse on other subjects.

Here’s ten conversation starters that will keep your mind alive until the political debate dies down and the sun goes on holiday. 


Despite reading countless articles and having it explained to you several times via charts, a ted talk and a children’s puppet show, you still don’t have a clue what an NFT is. 

Football Transfers

Who has gone to what team, who isn’t going to that team, who should have gone to that team but went to the other team instead.

Stranger Things 

That amazing scene in Series 4 featuring the Kate Bush song which society has colluded to spoil over the last month for everyone that hasn’t seen it.

How to tell the difference between an Alligator and a Crocodile.

Something about the snouts and one isn’t keen on saltwater.

Top Gun 3

After making a billion at the box-office, will we see Tom Cruise’s Maverick fighting Russians in space/underwater/in another dimension to conclude the trilogy? 


You should listen to that new podcast about the ex-fashion model turned samurai, or the health guru who advises you to eat nothing but beans, or the serial killer who murdered himself. 


Have you been to that new restaurant in Knightsbridge that serves raw haddock and uncooked chips in wet newspaper, and all the waiters are dressed like creepy circus clowns and half-way through the meal they release a swarm of angry wasps into the dining area? It’s marvellous. 


People who love cats can talk to other people who love cats until the cows come home. People who hate cats can talk about people who love cats never shutting up about their cat until the cows come home. 


Talk about the new track from some rising star of an obscure but upcoming genre that you accidentally read about on a website whilst searching for Rod Stewart concert tickets. 


Only an interesting conversation if you’re employed as a shipwreck treasure hunter, a brain surgeon or you recently won the Heavyweight Boxing Championship of the World. If you run a hedge fund or work in Insurance, nobody cares.