Five Minutes with Daryl Haldane, Bowmore's Global Private Client Director

Words by
Charlotte McManus

20th December 2023

The Global Private Client Director shares insights into the fascinating world of Bowmore’s prestige whisky offering, shaped by the stories, experiences, and highly complex single malts that distinguish the Islay distiller.

With an impressive career encompassing many of the globe’s top whisky brands, Daryl Haldane knows a thing or two about a standout dram.


As Beam Suntory’s Global Private Client Director, it is Haldane’s job to foster long-lasting connections with the HNW spirits aficionados of the world, whilst also putting the spotlight on the very best that Beam Suntory’s portfolio of prestigious drinks brands have to offer, such as Bowmore.

Daryl Haldane Bowmore - Bowmore Distillery, Islay
The distillery is located on the scottish island of Islay

As the first licensed distillery to be founded on the hallowed whisky-making isle of Islay, Bowmore has been producing world-class Scotch since 1779. Unsurprisingly with such a heritage, the distillery has an enviable collection of rare and aged single malts for Haldane to share with his clients, each made using time-honoured traditions and techniques that have been passed down through centuries.   

Daryl Haldane Bowmore
Daryl Haldan's role includes creating connections with whisky lovers across the world

Here, Haldane talks to SPHERE about prestige single malt, the importance of emotion within his work, and his thoughts on what makes a truly exceptional Scotch. 


I discovered a passion for whisky early on in my career… having worked in hospitality during school, before taking a role at Diageo when I was just 22. It was during this time that I realised that whisky was the category for me. I fell in love with the people, the stories – and of course, the amazing range of aromas and flavours that Scotch whisky is famed for.


My role involves... connecting with passionate whisky drinkers all over the world. The best part is when they get the chance to come to Scotland to see Bowmore for themselves. It’s at that moment when their lifelong, emotional connections to our whiskies are first established.


We are specialists of our rare and aged whiskies… so with the prestige side of Bowmore, it’s our job to make sure we can pass those stories on to our clients. This is not solely exclusive to the products we create today; it’s vital that we are well-versed on the products from the past as well.

Daryl Haldane Bowmore - Bowmore 30-Year-Old Annual Single Malt Whisky
The Bowmore 30-Year-Old Annual Single Malt Whisky can be found at various stockists such as The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt

Bowmore’s private client offer includes… an unrivalled inventory of rare and aged single malt whiskies. It is my job to connect with enthusiasts and collectors around the world to help them on their Bowmore journey. Our approach is to ensure we tailor our experiences at the distillery to meet the needs of our clients. We also have the Aston Martin DBX Bowmore edition on Islay to help us achieve this – a creation by the marque’s personalisation service, Q by Aston Martin, is a celebration of the partnership between two luxury brands.


What makes Bowmore distinct from other whisky brands… is flavour. We adopt an intentional approach to making Bowmore, in which every step and stage of the process is considered and purposeful to harness layers of flavour. This means we can create a whisky which is exceptionally expressive, defined by rich and fruity flavours with a smouldering complexity, which promises more every time you revisit the glass or try a new bottle. Bowmore’s ability to mature with excellence for me is a standout.  Over time, the spirit evolves perfectly in cask in a way that’s unlike any other single malt.


One important thing I’ve learned in my role… is that single malt whisky is all about emotion. We create incredible connections through our single malts, and that’s something I never take for granted.

Daryl Haldane Bowmore - Daryl with Bowmore 30-Year-Old Annual Single Malt Whisky

I could not do my job without... great-tasting whisky. When we boil it all down, the job is to make the very best single malts that we possibly can.


My most memorable experience working on Bowmore… was the Distillers One of One 2023 charity auction. It was an incredible experience, involving the oldest Bowmore whisky ever released; the STAC 55 Year Old 1962. Seeing the single malt sell for over £550,000, for such a vital cause – The Distiller’s Charity, which helps support disadvantaged young people in Scotland – was a moment I will cherish for a long time.


The qualities I enjoy in a whisky are… layers of flavour. I like whiskies that you can go back to time and time again, and still discover new flavours.


My favourite Bowmore whisky is… the 1969 Vintage 50 Years Old. I have enjoyed it three or four times over the last 12 months, and the tropical, rich honey, and soft herbal notes have left a lasting impression on me.


In my downtime, I enjoy… travelling. I have also recently started to enjoy running again, and I like to cook. My cooking needs some work though. Unsurprisingly, I do collect whisky and I also have more pairs of shoes than one man requires!


I have been lucky enough to eat in several of the world’s best restaurants… but one that stands out for me is Asador Etxebarri, just outside of Bilbao. It’s a remarkable place that specialises in grilled meat.

Daryl Haldane Bowmore - Bowmore 1969


My most treasured possession is… my children, of course.


My guiltiest pleasure is… Meatloaf – the singer, not the dish. His was the best gig I have ever been to! Please don’t judge…