Iconic Lots Road Power Station Reborn as Luxury Apartments

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18th January 2023

Hot on the heels of Battersea Power Station's transformation, comes the third, and final, reimagining of London's great trimuvirate of power stations. The iconic Lots Road which electrified the London Underground for over a century has been transformed into an exceptionally rare collection of 260 apartments with five star amenities – the Powerhouse.

Lots Road Power Station was completed in 1905 as the first steel-framed building in the British Isles, and is often described as the “design grandfather” of Battersea Power Station. Decommissioned in 2002, today, the site is utterly  transformed thanks to Sir Terry Farrell whose team restored the historic red brick walls, making it the largest façade retention project in Europe, and reopened 400m of Thames pathway that has been inaccessible for the past 100 years.

The entrance to the Powerhouse
The Lots Road Power Station has been transformed into luxury apartments with five star facilities

Once the driving force behind the rapid expansion of modern London, Lots Road Power Station generated electricity to keep citizens on the move during the Blitz of the Second World War. The repurposing of the site and the delivery of Chelsea Waterfront represent the most dramatic transformation in the borough in living memory. 

A London Underground poster highlighting the Lots Road Power Station
The Lots Road Power Station was known as the "nerve centre of the London Underground".

Until the site was closed in 2002, Lots Road Power Station played a significant role in numerous landmark 20th century moments, including an integral role in WWII, resulting in a series of six posters celebrating the power station’s contribution to the war being commissioned by London Transport in 1944.

The Lobby
The Lobby at the Powerhouse features a river of light feature to reflect the history of the site

Fast forward to 2022, and its interiors have been re-designed as lavish living spaces by the award-winning interior designer Fiona Barratt who honours the Power Station's rich industrial heritage and preserves its place in architectural lore.

Combining modern elements with unique points of historical interest, full-height evergreen trees have been purposefully placed where the building’s turbines once stood, whilst flowing water troughs echo the creation of steam and two industrial chimneys anchor at either end of the space.

Powerhouse’s entrance also boasts a spectacular ‘electric current’ lighting installation - framed by the building's vast elegant arched windows - representing the original purpose of the building: the generation of power.

Living space at the Powerhouse
The Powerhouse at Chelsea Waterfront

Boasting a multitude of state-of-the-art amenities, Powerhouse will have 5-star services around the clock, from general house management to individual booking requests. The exclusive health and fitness centre, housing a luxurious spa, a fully equipped gym, and a 20-metre swimming pool, offers a private sanctuary for exercise and relaxation.

The Gym
The Powerhouse features a modern gym

The elegantly appointed Residents’ Club Lounge with its delightful views of the river is the ideal multi-purpose space for work or social gatherings. For those seeking superb cuisine served in stylish surroundings, the restaurants at Chelsea Waterfront which boast unforgettable vistas across the river, and the beautifully lit landscaped gardens will be the first port of call.

The Lots Road Power Station
This industrial architectural icon was built between 1902-1905 and powered London's Underground network for 100 years

Chelsea Waterfront is the last remaining significant river fronting site on the north bank of the Thames between Chelsea and the city. When fully complete, the scheme will comprise ten buildings in total including two stand-out towers either side of Chelsea Creek and will be the first development of this scale on London's north bank, in Chelsea, for 100 years. Apartments, ranging in size from one to four bedrooms, from the Powerhouse will have wide reaching views taking in a stretch of river that extends from Chelsea in the West to Canary Wharf in the East.

Kitchen and dining at The Powerhouse
One of 260 apartments at the Powerhouse at Chelsea Waterfront

Savills are now featuring apartments from the Powerhouse ranging in price from £1,695,000 to £3,329,000.

For further information about the project, visit Powerhouse Chelsea