Powered by nature: why birch is the latest beauty trend

Words by
Flora Drummond-Smith

20th March 2018

Packed with nutrients and with wondrous detoxifying powers, birch – used in skincare and haircare – is the latest natural ingredient to take the beauty world by storm

There is no denying that natural beauty has boomed over the past few years. At a time when many of us are increasingly conscious of what we are using on our bodies brands and customers alike are shunning synthetic ingredients in favour of natural plant-based products, and particular attention is being paid to birch.

Often referred to as the tree of life, birch has been used throughout history as a medicinal plant. Known for its ability to hydrate and reduce inflammation, it also boasts a naturally occurring and highly developed purification process, giving it super detoxifying powers. This purification process, makes birch a particularly good choice for those who wish to combat the effects of pollution on the skin. From using birch-enriched face cream or anti-aging serums to washing your hair with purifying shampoo or sipping birch water there are many easy ways to incorporate into your daily routine. We round up our pick of the top five birch-packed products.