Spas in the city: The latest in London wellness

Words by
Sphere Life

2nd May 2017

From pure gold facials to toning body massages, relax and rejuvenate with three of the best wellness treatments in the capital


After a hard week in the office, unwind at Carol Joy London at the Dorchester Spa, where the velvet Holbein blue relaxation area wraps its arms around you as you enter. The Pure Gold and Collagen facial is perfect bliss, with its plumping Pure Collagen Mask and lifting and toning massage, followed by a sheet of 24-carat gold leaf massaged into the skin with gentle, circular movements. The finale is a spritz of Pure Collagen Spray. £220.


The Valmont Fit and Tone Body Massage at White Room Beauty in Knightsbridge is not for those seeking a soothing, scented hour of relaxation. It uses targeted movements to resculpt and train the body muscles with the aim of reducing cellulite and stimulating the lymphatic system. The more stubborn the water retention, the harder the massage — but you will definitely notice the benefits later
and the creams supplied will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. £160. 

White Room Beauty



The spa at the members-only Devonshire Club is open to all and it’s where Dr Yannis Alexandrides (from the 111 Harley Street practice) is offering everything from 30-minute facials to face-tightening injections. The 111 Lightfinity Express Facial (£75) includes a smothering of potions and a space-age-style mask with LED lights that takes the party pallor out of your skin.