Truefitt & Hill supports NHS with shaving equipment donations

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Sphere Life

12th May 2020

In an effort to support frontline workers with essential PPE mask safety, the leading men’s barber and grooming brand has contributed a range of luxury products

In such challenging times as these, every bit of support makes a huge difference, which is why Truefitt & Hill of St James’s have joined an array of luxury British brands in making a much-welcomed contribution to the NHS staff working on the frontline of COVID-19. As a number of doctors, nurses and medical workers have reported concerns that their beards and facial hair interfere with the effective – and safe – application of PPE masks, the heritage grooming house has donated over 1,500 shaving products to London’s St George’s Hospital.

In an effort to soothe irritation and tame facial hair to ensure that the tight-fitting masks protect the wearer adequately, the range offered up includes 500 disposable razors, 500 tubes of Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream, 500 Ultimate Comfort Moisturisers and 100 Ultimate Comfort Balms.

“Today, more than ever, we must recognise the role that the NHS staff, scientists and frontline workers play in ensuring that our future, not only as a nation but as a global community, are pivotal to what we have so often taken for granted in the past - health, happiness, togetherness and prosperity,” says Truefitt & Hill director Joanna Broughton.We hope that our products will make the task of shaving that little bit more enjoyable and provide a brief moment of respite in their gruelling and harrowing schedules.”

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