Chanel brings Winter Glow with the new Les Beiges Collection

Words by
Pippa Lowe

23rd January 2024

The Chanel Les Beiges Winter Glow Collection is here. With the release, SPHERE's Pippa Lowe takes us through the stand-out products from the collection. From radiant frosted skin to lips plumped with iridescence, Chanel are bringing back that rosy in-from-the-cold look this winter.

The sun-kissed look comes around time and time again during the summer, freckles galore. This doesn't mean that makeup doesn't deserve to be just as glowy during the winter. Chanel have delivered on the ultimate collection to achieve a frosted radiant makeup look. Whether to peek out from under hats and scarves or take on the après ski this winter.

Chanel Les Beiges Winter Glow Collection - Bond Street Installation
The snowscape installation at Chanel New Bond Street in celebration of the Les Beiges Winter Glow launch

A healthy glow can be difficult to achieve in winter without a two-week getaway to the Maldives. Yet, when we think of a winter glow it does differ from a summer glow. Summer is freshly kissed by the sun, freckles over the nose, dewy and bronzed. Winter is that look of ‘just-in-from-the-cold’, cheeks rosy, skin lightly frosted with a snowy sheen. This collection has a particular focus on the pinks, from rosewood eyeshadows to silky blushes and the pearlescent plumping of Rouge Coco Baume, to achieve this exact look. As if effortlessly glowing from a day hitting the slopes.

Chanel Les Beiges Winter Glow Collection - product imagery
The collection targets all aspects of the face (and even nails) for a glow all over

One of the outstanding products of the collection for me is the Healthy Winter Glow Primer (£48). Available in three shades: frosty white, icy beige and light copper. One common misconception with products like these are that they are shimmery, leaving your skin in a glitter bombed state. This is not the case for the glow primer. The product acts as a subtle sheen (or frost) over the skin, catching light delicately and bringing that healthy winter glow we crave. Either underneath makeup, solo on the skin or overtop in selected areas.

When exploring the wonder of Les Beiges, I was taught where to place the primer to best enhance my features. The high points of my cheekbones, brow bone and cupid’s bow were all expected. The tip that took me by surprise was placing a little of the product in between my eyes, at that apex where forehead meets the bridge of your nose. In order to enhance that shape. Well, if this is one that you haven’t heard before – here is your sign, from Chanel, to try it out in your next makeup routine.

Chanel Les Beiges Winter Glow Collection - Baume Coco
Rouge Coco Baume in Keep Cool, £34

Onto the lips, a glossy finish is simply well-loved. Particularly in this age of ‘no-makeup makeup’ and ‘clean girl makeup' where we see fluffed brows and a luminous complexion, finished with a plump and glossy lip. Now, whatever people say – all glosses, to some extent, have that stickiness. In summer, one can get away with this. But when windy weather hits, suddenly you have hair glued to you mouth nearly consistently.

These lippies aren’t a gloss, they are a balm. Providing all the nourishment your lips may need in these chilly months, whilst giving a velvety shine. The stand-out shade for me is Keep Cool. Although seeming a deep mauve in the bullet, this balm comes out almost clear on the lip with a hint of glistening pinky iridescence. This does not appear glittery but gives the illusion of fullness and dimension on the lip, without the need for a gloss. Perfect for daily wear with a tried-and-true nude liner. Explore all shades of Rouge Coco Baume (£34) here.

Beyond lips and complexion, the collection kits you out for elegantly lacquered nails, pinky shadows packed with iridescent colour-shifting glitters and three different one-stroke blushes leaving you fresh-faced and luminous. My personal favourite shade being Mauve Glacé (£54). This gives that buildable burnt rose colour that I feel works well on everybody. The kind of shade that doesn't look like you are wearing blush, but actually blushing - as if gently hit by crisp wind bringing colour to the surface. 

Delve into the glacial glamour of the full Chanel Les Beiges Winter Glow Collection here.