Crockett & Jones steps foot at 77 Jermyn Street

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Sphere Editors

27th November 2023

Crockett & Jones steps foot, literally, at their new address of 77 Jermyn Street. Celebrating the opening with the launch of Yale, a new Cordovan loafer, specially designed and released for the occasion. Here we explore the new retail space and introduce the Yale, in all its lavish burgundy splendour. 

Presented by Crockett & Jones

Crockett & Jones 77 Jermyn Street - store sketch
A design sketch of the new store at 77 Jermyn Street

Just a stone’s throw away from the original Crockett and Jones store at 69 Jermyn Street, the new location at 77 carries over the classical details of the original space. Marrying them with a modernised, fresh retail environment that makes a statement on the street with its vista-style glass frontage. The polished 77 gleams in golden above the carved wooden doorway as customers enter and share in this next exciting step forward for Crockett & Jones.

Crockett & Jones 77 Jermyn Street - store front
The store front of the new address at 77 Jermyn Street

Introducing the Yale, a new Shell Cordovan loafer. Made on a new last created specifically for use in loafer production, Last 391. The material itself, Shell Cordovan, has a 20-year long relationship with the legacy of Crockett and Jones - mirroring the 20 years that the house has been sat on Jermyn Street. Making it a perfect material to use in this release celebrating the opening of the new store.

Crockett & Jones 77 Jermyn Street - Yale loafers
Yale Burgundy Shell Cordovan Loafers, £795

It is a high-end fabric with a premium reputation, due to the labour-intensive process that goes into production and its scarcity in comparison to other leathers on the market. Taking the opulence of Shell Cordovan and the trendy short vamp of Last 391, we present the Yale. Finished with a traditional raised heel kicker and single leather sole, the Yale is certainly built to match the grand 'tradition and modernity' of 77 Jermyn Street.

Crockett & Jones 77 Jermyn Street - store interior
The classic interiors of the new store, reflecting the original Crockett & Jones store

Delving into ‘own’ retail back in 1997, Crockett & Jones have since hit the world’s core retail cities of Paris, London (multiple times) and New York. As well as having opened stores in Brussels and Birmingham, to ensure all bases are covered of course. They claim that this return of a second home on Jermyn Street was always part of the plan. Simply because they have the staffing, stock and most importantly, the customers to do so.

Crockett & Jones 77 Jermyn Street - staff
Crockett & Jones' knowledgable staff are there to help you find the perfect pair

The decision of having two touch-points within London’s luxury district of menswear is sure to give customers more freedom to shop the collections with ease, accessing hassle-free assistance to find their perfect pair. Leaving each visit content, gold-adorned green bag in hand housing their fresh box of carefully selected Oxfords, Derbys or even Yale loafers.

Visit the new store now at 77 Jermyn Street, London and get your hands on a pair of Shell Cordovan Yale Loafers here.