Gold plated: De Lamerie reveals elegant 22 carat pattern

Words by
Sphere Life

4th July 2019

Guaranteed to bring a gorgeous flourish to your table, the gilded design from the British luxury brand takes inspiration from nature

New for 2019, Buckinghamshire-based tableware artisans De Lamerie has unveiled its latest pattern. Acanthus – so-called for the flowering plant family of the same name – sees the finest 22 carat gold crafted into a delicate floral design and leaf motif. Ornate scroll work also features; a nod to the signature Rococo style introduced by brand founder, renowned silversmith Paul DeLamerie, back in the 1700s.

Decorating De Lamerie’s hand-cut, full lead crystal, gilded Acanthus patterns can also be given a special bespoke touch on request, tailored to include a family crest, logo or monogram. As well as making a standout gift, these one-of-a-kind tableware set can be treasured as family heirlooms for generations to come. Additionally, the new design has been designed to coordinate with a full dinner service – from china and cutlery to silverware – making it ideal for special or formal occasions.

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