A Pocket Drone You’ll Want to Play With 

Words by
Lee Cassanell

11th May 2022

Get a second pair of eyes in the sky. 

Flying Microdrones have been around for a while but so far they haven’t really, taken off…

This could all change though with the introduction of Snaps new Pixie Microdrone, a simple to control and reasonably priced pocket-sized plaything. 

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel called the Pixy “the perfect new addition to your creative toolbox, helping capture new angles and making every moment fly.”

With advertising imagery that looks plucked from an 80s children’s Sci-fi movie, Snap are clearly trying to showcase a sense of wonder and possibilities beyond taking fly-by photographs of your smashed avocado on sourdough. 

Spiegel went on to say:

“I think Pixy opens up a whole new space here because your smartphone can’t fly. You can get a totally new and different perspective. And so, in that way, I think Pixy is meaningfully better than what your smartphone can create.” 

Whilst you ponder what ‘meaningfully better’ means in this or any reality and daydream of a world of flying smartphones whizzing by, for a mere $250 you can pick up a Pixy and make your ariel image game soar.