Pulling strings: Designer-maker Jo Elbourne's woven furniture

Words by
Flora Drummond-Smith
Photography by
Mitch Payne

27th September 2018

Kent-based maker and designer Jo Elbourne creates woven furniture. Simple yet complex, Elbourne's work is bold and geographic making this ancient craft modern

Jo Elbourne's wonderful woven stools

Jo Elbourne's wonderful woven stools

With a predilection for natural materials, designer Jo Elbourne creates striking, harmonious works from cotton cord, such as these artful stools made in collaboration with furniture designer Will Elworthy. Elbourne's interest lies in how such a humble, accessible material can be manipulated to create something complex and she explores the seemingly simple act of working string and cord using a self-taught method based on the ancient craft of seat making. Inspired by abstract painting and architecture, as well as "the making process", her designs feature bright colours and interwoven geometric shapes. Elbourne is exhibiting her work at this year's London Design Fair (20-23 September) and plans further collaborations with Elworthy in the near future. jorobynelbourne.com;