A sleep masterclass with Zandra Rhodes and Savoir Beds

Words by
Charlotte McManus

27th July 2021

After a turbulent year, many of us are in need of a good night’s sleep like never before. The experts at the bespoke bed specialist know the importance of rest

Given the seismic impact of Covid-19 on every aspect of everyday life, it’s no secret that reports of struggling to sleep have soared over the past year, resulting in a rise in issues around tiredness, irritability, anxiety and even mental health, as Dr Rebecca Robbins, Savoir Beds’ newly-enlisted sleep expert, explains.

“Our working lives have transitioned to virtual platforms, our social interactions are limited and we spend extended periods of time with the same people in the same places – all changes that can negatively impact our sleep,” she says. “Healthy sleep is all about routine, both in terms of the schedules we maintain and the practices we engage in leading up to bedtime.” She recommends establishing pre-sleep rituals that are easy to adhere to – even the act of making a cup of herbal tea can create a sense of comfort; an essential quality in slipping into sound sleep.

Other sensible advice includes regular exercise, maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, limiting caffeine intake and having a light supper in the evening. But what does she suggest for those gruelling tossing and turning sessions at 3am?

“Staying in bed and wishing for sleep to come is one of the biggest mistakes many of us make - it conditions us to look at the bedroom as a stressful place,” she replies. “Get out of bed and return only when you are tired. This will allow you to slip into a deeper stage of sleep faster than if you had stayed in bed.” She also notes that attention should be paid to the bedroom environment itself, from using a non-heat-retaining mattress that supports the head, neck and spinal column, to introducing curtains that close properly and shut out light.

Healthy sleep is all about routine, both in terms of the schedules we maintain and the practices we engage in

Of course, a supremely comfortable, well-crafted bed helps to make the transition to sleep even easier (and much more enjoyable). In another notable collaboration, Savoir has teamed up with lauded fashion and textile designer Zandra Rhodes on a covetable new bed design named LILIES.  Rhodes fans may recognise the origins behind the romantic, floral-led design, sourced from her extensive archives during lockdown – “Field of Lilies” was initially inspired by a floral gift from fellow designer Issey Miyake. The reworked motif is digitally printed across a range of fabrics, including velvet, cotton and a textured linen viscose. While Rhodes is widely known for her love of colour, bold shades are not conducive to a good night’s rest – the bedroom after all, should be a sanctuary – so for the Savoir bed she developed a new palette that features soft, soothing tones for a tranquil feel.

Rhodes’ attitude to sleep has changed over the past year, having previously slept for only five hours per night at best. “I am starting to appreciate sleep more and more, especially for its health benefits,” she says. “We spend a third of our lives in bed so a bespoke bed is the best investment one can make. The amazing thing about the Savoir bed is the peace it exudes – for the first time in my life, I want to experience breakfast in bed! A luxury I don’t allow myself!”