Spiral Cellars launches new service for your wine collection

Words by
Simon Brooke

2nd November 2020

Known for its elegant wine cellars, the London-based design company’s latest initiative can help its oenophile clients create the storage space of their dreams

Spiral Cellars, the people who create elegant, expertly engineered wine cellars, wine rooms and wine walls have introduced a ‘Design-Only Service’.  The idea is that you can create your own custom-made wine room using the company’s design expertise.

Managing Director Lucy Hargreaves warns that simply getting a builder to add a wine room to a project is a risk. “Not knowing that wine bottles aren’t all the same size and thus need to be housed differently, or that the temperature, humidity and lighting levels must be perfectly controlled to ensure optimum storage and prevent damage to customers’ investment, can lead to disaster,” she says.  

Spiral Cellars launches new service for your wine collection

“A wine storage solution shouldn’t just look good; and one that isn’t fit for purpose is costly to post-correct. It’s much simpler to invest up front and get professional wine experts to design your wine room, because you can relax and know that it will deliver, both stylistically, but also practically, in the long run.”

Demand has increased since lockdown and this Christmas - more than most - she explains, wine lovers are indulging in their own home wine cellar as a way of cheering themselves up after the trials and tribulations of Covid-19.

Spiral Cellars launches new service for your wine collection

“Whether it’s for superyachts, art deco cocktail cabinets, spirit walls, cocktail spaces, clubhouse-style wine rooms, or under-stair storage, our team can craft a design tailored entirely to clients’ needs,” explains Hargreaves. “Included in the service, we will create highly-detailed plans, specify materials and a climate control system, and even recommend fittings and finishes, so that it is completely ready to be handed over to a builder.”