Studio Bust Gets Ahead of the Curve

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Sphere Editors

9th January 2024

Studio Bust is an avant-garde celebration of the female body, allowing you to create a bespoke statue of your form through innovative techniques. We share the process one goes through during an appointment and the diverse aesthetic options available in Studio Bust's collections: Liberty and Legacy.

Founded by Mads Montagu-Andrews, who wished to immortalise her form during her pregnancy, Studio Bust uses 3D printing with age-old casting and finishing techniques. Shaping a unique piece of home decor that captures the very essence of you at a certain point in time, whether that be pregnancy or just when you are looking to feel liberated.

Studio Bust - Lichen finish
The deep teal Lichen finish available as part of the Legacy Collection

What is the Process?

After selecting core components of the finish, size and material of your bust. Your appointment with Studio Bust begins with an invite into their luxurious and comfortable space for a three-dimensional scan performed by a female member of the team. This is done using a handheld 3D scanner to capture accuracy in the details and create a bespoke sculpture with true likeness. Between three and four poses are encouraged, so there is choice during the screen view and selection process. The team are open and approachable with any questions you may have and are sure to give apt guidance on any posing.

Studio Bust - Luxe Finish
The shimmery Luxe finish available as part of the Liberty Collection

Onto the Collections

Statues as part of the Legacy Collection are cast in solid bronze using a divine combination of both traditional casting techniques and modern technologies. Then made complete by one of a varied array of finishes. From veined Lapis stone to mirror-shine Nickel plating and even fully bespoke finishes. All are available to browse on the website – however can be decided after discovering in person upon appointment. The Liberty Collection brings a more modern and minimalist style to the pieces, with three simplistic finishes of: Lacquer, Luxe or Lyme.

Explore the finishes of the Legacy Collection and the Liberty Collection

Studio Bust - Miniatures
Miniature busts are now available in Bronze Legacy finishes

For fans of anything mini, the statues come in pocket-size miniatures too. Priced at £750 each in one of their Bronze Legacy Collection finishes, the sweet yet sturdy empowerment reminder can be taken on the move.

Book appointments with Studio Bust here, starting prices from £450 for a 15cm Lacquer finish statue.