5 Minutes With... Timothy Everest MBE

Words by
Andy Morris

25th May 2022

A true titan of British tailoring, Timothy Everest recently acquired Grey Flannel, a remarkable menswear boutique on London's Chiltern Street. He discusses a Mad Butcher, his favourite Vodka Martini and why everyone should invest in a linen suit.

Timothy Everest for Grey Flannel

What is selling surprisingly well at Grey Flannel at the moment?
With the reset in our wardrobes due to Covid, customers are looking for pieces that are between casual and formal - they are really looking for that casual elegance. Garments that are wearable and that are elevated in colour, pattern and texture and made of good, long-lasting fabrics. We’ve also seen a big rise in people looking for versatile pieces, jackets and trousers that match, rather than a suit.

What do you wish everyone knew about bespoke?
That it’s the ultimate show of individuality - the only way to be modern is to be yourself and bespoke is the ultimate expression of individuality. It might be expensive but buying bespoke is an investment, and an experience. It’s about the performance of the garments with wear, each of those pieces can be taken in, let out etc - the garment can live forever.
What menswear trend needs to die out in 2022? 
Not making an effort. We have all been on Zoom calls and sitting on the sofa for the part two years - we have the chance to dress again. There is help out there, be prepared to make an effort.
What should everyone be wearing this summer?
An unstructured, double breasted linen mix suit - perfect for every occasion.
Can you recommend a good film?
We as a team have taken inspiration from the South of France this year in the shop, so I’ve been watching Plein Soleil which is the original Talented Mr Ripley story; it’s really set me up for the summer.
What’s a great Father’s Day gift?
Our Mercerised Crew Neck T-Shirt - perfect for summer, super luxurious - very wearable! Made in Italy, exclusively for Grey Flannel since 1982. Our crew neck t-shirts have been triple mercerised for an exceptional soft touch. A classic t-shirt which works worn casually as well as dressed up with tailoring.
Favourite London restaurant?
Chiltern Firehouse, for a friendly cocktail and welcome from [maitre' d] Max Harrison. I’m also very much enjoying Kol for the contemporary take on Mexican food, Mezcal bar and ever welcoming General Manager Edie. 
Favourite international restaurant?
Being a keen cyclist I attend the L’Eorica in Tuscany, where I always stop by to see my old friend Dario Cecchini. He's known as the Mad Butcher of Panzano in Chianti. He’s a larger than life character, and everything they serve is sourced locally and totally delicious.
Holiday destination of choice? 
Marrakech has always been a favourite, I love the contrast - colours, smells, decadent hidden restaurants. It’s the furthest away, nearest place you can go.
What should everyone know about buying property?
I was always told to buy the things that you like and that are a good investment. When we bought our first location in Spitalfields, it fitted the framework of the business. It suited the lifestyle of our customers and the business - that was the key and still is.
Favourite artist of the moment?
Kevin Davies, the acclaimed photographer. He is a friend of mine, he worked for The Face and Arena Magazine. He used lockdown to go through his archive - he’s taken photographs of people like Tom Jones, David Bowie, U2. I’m really taken with his films and prints, he has a book being released about David Bowie shortly - which I can’t wait to see.
What is your watch of choice and why?
I have to watches that mean the most to me - I have a Urwerk 101 (I have collaborated with the founders on a couple of occasions - so it has a personal connection). The design is both technically challenging and beautiful at the same time. I also have an original TAG Heuer Monaco  - as a young man I was introduced to Le Mans and Steve McQueen by my uncles - cars were a big passion of mine.
What bottle never leaves your cocktail cabinet?
Ketel One for a cheeky vodka Martini.
What is your favourite hotel in Britain and why? 
Somewhere I’d love to stay is on Inis Meáin, it's one of the three Aran Islands that lie on the far edge of Europe, thirty miles off the western shore of Ireland. We stock the brand of the same name in Grey Flannel and it truly is a remarkable brand in terms of is legacy and sustainability credentials. They have a hotel on the island in an extraordinary building, I’d love to stay there at some point.
What does luxury mean to you?
Time - all good things take time - like bespoke tailoring, luxury really means to me taking the time to appreciate and enjoy things.