The best British umbrellas to keep you dry this winter

Words by
Sphere Life

28th November 2018

Stylish but also the height of functionality, these umbrellas have undergone rigorous testing to ensure you stay dry despite the winter weather


Handmade using the finest materials, this umbrella will be just as much of a trusted companion as the Schnauzers that inspired the handle. Fashioned from durable beech, the handles come in a range of animal shapes, from ducks to alligators and bespoke carvings can also be commissioned. With a cover crafted from densely woven nylon, the umbrella is perfect for those rainy days in the city.


Available in a variety of colours with detachable tassels, not only are Pickett’s elegant bamboo umbrellas incredibly stylish, but they are also the height of functionality. Wind-tunnel tested up to 27mph, they are robust too. £150,


With a long history of supplying royal families, prime ministers and distinguished clients around the world, Swaine Adeney’s bespoke umbrellas offer the best of British heritage. For a rainy day pick-me-up, the Malacca Flask umbrella features a fitted screw-in drinking flask. From £770,