Gold Standard: Deconstructing The Met Gala's Gilded Age

Words by
Andy Morris

3rd May 2022

Fashion's biggest night saw neon, high fashion cosplay and so much gold.

The first Monday in May sees fashion's annual awkward costume party/American Vogue's latest brand extension, The Met Gala, take place in New York. This year, the theme celebrated "Gilded Glamor" [sic.] explicitly referencing the period of explosive growth in the US from 1870 to 1890. While there was some of the weirdness of previous years - instead of Frank Ocean turning up with a green faced doll called 'Cody', Priscilla Presley accompanied the actor who is playing her late husband - here are the key trends and takeaways.

Kim K wore the Marilyn Dress
As first revealed by Jezebel, Kim Kardashian wore the Marilyn Monroe dress in which she serenaded JFK. For those who consider this sacrilege, remember that the dress was currently on display in the less than austere environment of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not in Orlando, alongside a shrunken head owned by Ernest Hemingway, a gorilla made out of tyres and three double headed cows. The fact that the woman who reinvented the corset is being celebrated for dangerous weight loss is simply par for the course.

All heroes wear capes
Going explicitly against the wishes of The Incredibles' Edna Mode, Stormzy in Burberry looked tremendous, as did Kid Cudi in Kenzo.

Anderson Paak had a really good time
Fresh from drumming for Dr Dre at the Super Bowl, playing a residency in Las Vegas and DJing at Soho House's Desert House, Anderson was one of the few quests who looked genuinely thrilled to be there in every aspect. Bonus points for shouting out East London while dressing in Gucci head to toe.

Thom Browne was a triumph
As an American pioneer capable of subverting dress code standards, he proved a popular pick with everyone from Christine Baranski to Lizzo, Oscar Isaac to Travis Barker. Bonus points to Jordan Roth for showing that you really can let your freak flag fly - and fit the dress code at the same time.

Jared Leto has a sense of humour
Twinning with Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele was a work of genius - they were the best dressed couple who weren't Jodi Turner Smith and Joshua Jackson.

Second generation models 
Lila Moss and Kaia Gerber continued their elegant mother’s red carpet dominance.

Diaphanous outfits are unisex
Vanessa Hudgens impressed in a Moschino gown, Lenny Kravitz proved that even as a 57 year old man you can embrace the trend.

Neon is a good choice for white tie event
Some of the best outfits were also the brightest. The age-defying Gwen Stefani was one, Glenn Close is electric pink and Sebastian Stan (continuing a hell of a year) was 

Denim on a red carpet is tricky
David Lauren continued his father’s legacy of wearing jeans on the red carpet. Note: if you are not part of the Lauren dynasty, do not attempt this. Also: Kodi Smit-McPhee's era appropriate denim simply wasn't striking enough.

Off White is trickier to pull off than you think
Paapa Essiedu is a resounding yes in Off White smoking jacket. Kylie Jenner, in a poofy frock that resembled Kylie Minogue's Neighbours wedding dress, less so.

Twitter has become the dress code police
Clearly every user of the cursed bird app has a well worn copy of Debrett's to hand.