Purdey extends its luggage offering with the Audley Leather Collection

Words by
Jane Madden

2nd June 2017

Stylish luggage for travel in the town or the country, James Purdey & Sons Audley leather luggage collection celebrates the company’s heritage and craftsmanship

Established in 1814, Purdey has long been a purveyor of fine leather goods, originally designed to accommodate bespoke rifles and shooting equipment. Expanding its leather goods collection, Purdey has created the Audley collection, a stylish luggage set made entirely from leather studded with solid brass hardware.


48 Hour Leather Havana

In keeping with the tradition and heritage of Purdey’s rifles, each luggage item will be stamped with a unique serial number. The oak bark tanned leather that makes up the body of each piece is sourced from artisan tannery J & FJ Baker. After being soaked in an oak-bark mixture for a year, the leather is hardwearing, lightweight and strong, ensuring that your belongings are protected for years to come.


Russian Leather Briefcase

The luggage collection, which includes a bespoke trunk, a hat case, briefcase and backpack, is held together with solid brass studs swathed in black gold. Crafted using the same skills as gun making, the luggage is made to last. Understated yet elegant, the collection is perfect for country folk or city dwellers.