Five Minutes with Vuori Founder Joe Kudla

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Sphere Editors

9th January 2023

Meet Joe Kudla, the sportsman, one time model, and now billionaire owner of independently owned work-out wear company, Vuori. His business is expected to topple Lululemon from its popularity perch in 2023, all thanks to his low-key chic and athletic wear, that crosses the line between workout and play.  

Vuori is the culmination of… Realising there were no new or relevant activewear brands for men. Growing up playing sports and Lacrosse in college, everyone wore the traditional sports brands. 20 years on, living in Southern California, neither my friends or I wanted to wear that aesthetic anymore. That’s when the idea of Vuori was born: to make quality, comfortable, great fitting products that guys actually wanted to wear. 

Joe Kudla
Joe Kudla's business was recently valued at $4 billion

Our phenomenal growth has, I think, been powered by… products that transition effortlessly from activity into everyday life.

The first time I truly learned how luxurious fashion could be... Was in my early 20s. I had a short stint working as a model in Europe, where I was fortunate to get the opportunity to work with some incredible designers. My biggest take away was the impeccable craftsmanship and the quality of the textiles they worked with, which is something I have carried with me and care deeply about here at Vuori.


Vuori makes clothes for men and women

Vuori makes workout clothes for both men and women. Woman (left) wears Clementine shorts (£46) and Long Sleeve Lux Crop Tee (£65). Man (right) wears Kore shorts (£70) and Long Sleeve Strato Tech Tee (£65).

Why are we called the Uber of Loungewear?... We make clothes that can work across multiple aspects of people's lives. Made from our lightweight fabric, DREAMknit, they're extremely comfortable and can be worn anytime or anywhere.

Vuori Joggers
Vuori's best-selling "Performance" leggings, in heather colourway, £95

Our best-selling pieces are… Our Ponto Performance Pant for men (£100) and our Performance Jogger for women (£95).

I stay in shape by…Getting outside and having fun. When I’m not working you’ll find me surfing, mountain biking, running, skiing, hiking or catching a local yoga class. Trying new things and being active with friends keeps me inspired, and I also have a daily yoga and meditation practice that helps me to stay focused. I like to call these my little ‘investments in happiness’.

Joe doing yoga in Vuori.

Joe Kudla doing yoga

Joe does a daily yoga and meditation practice in order to stay focused

My most treasured possession is… My health, my happiness and my children. In some respects they are one in the same.

My favourite place to travel to in the world is…Tavarua in Fiji, it's a magical island. My daughter’s name, Tavi, is inspired by the many great memories our family have there. The people are incredibly kind, the waves are some of the best in the world and its secluded, pristine nature makes time slow down.

The island of Tavarua in Fiji

Tavarua, an island in Fiji

The heart-shaped island Tavarua, in Fiji.

When I’m not wearing Vuori I buy my clothes from…Vince, I’m a fan of their timeless and sophisticated aesthetic but I also love Patagonia when I am climbing mountains and the versatility of Clae shoes.

My grooming essential is...Hume Deodorant. It’s my favourite grooming product and it’s free of toxins and aluminium. We even have a Vuori scent, Desert Bloom, that we made in collaboration with them.

My signature accessory is…An extra pair of Vuori Kore Shorts (seen on Harry Styles below). I never know what the day will bring, so the Kore Shorts are the perfect item for hitting the gym, going for a run, or jumping in the water.

Harry Styles
Pop icon and actor Harry Styles favours Vuori shorts for his workouts

The highlight of my career so far has to be…Opening our New York City flagship store in Soho was an incredible moment for me and the business. I have been going to NY since we launched the brand, looking for inspiration, meeting with editors and telling our story. It has always been a dream to one day have a store in arguably one of the most influential retail cities in the world.

To do my job, I can’t do without…My morning routine, which includes some stretching, a hot cup of bone broth with collagen, some tickling of my 3 and 6 year old daughters and a sauna and ice bath.

Vuori Yoga
Vuori's clothes are inspired by a healthy California lifestyle

The one thing I have always wanted to do is… A three day fast with nothing but water. The idea scares me given my love for food, but I’ve loved learning about all of the health benefits recently and I feel called to give it a try to see how it works for me.

The book I last readThe Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity, which is about the Tao philosophy. It’s filled with incredible morsels of information on how to live a long, healthy and energised life.

The project I'm most excited for in 2023...As an avid outdoor enthusiast I'm really excited to expand our outerwear collection for fall.