Florence Nightingale's Signature Scent, Floris White Rose

Words by
Pippa Lowe

11th November 2023

Florence Nightingale's signature scent, Floris White Rose, benefits the very cause the 'Lady with the Lamp' is iconically famed for. By donating 15% of all its sales to support UK-based nurses and midwives. 

Shipped frequently to Florence Nightingale during the frantic events of the Crimean War, White Rose acted on its very symbol of hope and new beginnings quite literally. Florence's gratitude to Mr Floris for creating this timelessly adored fragrance is displayed in the form of a hand-written letter. This sits proudly in Floris' Jermyn Street shop for all to see what positive impact this simple eau de toilette made on such a treasured woman in history.

Florence Nightingale Floris White Rose - Helena Bonham Carter
Helena Bonham Carter, ambassador of the White Rose Appeal

The positive impact of White Rose has been extended through the work of the White Rose Appeal. Launched in 2020, the appeal has striven to raise money to provide these deserving healthcare professionals with emotional, wellbeing and leadership support. Helped greatly in doing so by yet another British female icon, Helena Bonham Carter, who is the appeal's ambassador.

Florence Nightingale Floris White Rose - eau de toilette bottle
White Rose Eau de Toilette 100ml, £100

Rose is one of those fragrances that is undeniably classic. A core scent in the fragrance world. You get a discovery set from a perfumery, there is always bound to be a little vial within it containing that brands' perception of rose. For Floris, White Rose drew inspiration from the environment surrounding the Floris Mayfair-based creative home. That was before it was proudly labelled as a Florence Nightingale ward-round essential. Delivering hope to all that would catch her lingering aroma of silky rose and amber musk. “How am I to thank you for the repeated nosegays of beautiful sweet-smelling roses with which you have cheered my sick bed?”, spoke Nightingale in her letter of appreciation to Floris.

Florence Nightingale Floris White Rose - Florence portrait
Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing and wearer of Floris White Rose

Floris have been donating 15% of all White Rose Eau de Toilette sales to the Florence Nightingale Foundation since the launch of the White Rose Appeal in 2020. They continue to commit to this, supporting nurses and midwives up and down the UK with each bottle of White Rose sold. Keeping the empowering legacy of Florence Nightingale, her respectable profession and longstanding relationship with the fragrance alive.

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