Clash de Cartier pop-up at Selfridges

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Sphere Life

15th August 2019

Popping up until September 1st, the Clash de Cartier pop up is an immersive experience in the heart of Selfridges

Gone are the days when a pop-up meant a few shiny baubles in a glass case. There should be music, an interactive experience and an artisan thrown into the mix. Excelling at the art of the modern pop-up, Cartier presents their Clash de Cartier x Selfridges Corner Shop Pop Up until September 1st. 


The stunning new collection was  unveiled in April, resplendent with studs, beads and clous carrés, and harking back to the house’s love of geometry which dates to the 1930s. 


Shoppers are greeted with a cornucopia of sensory delights. A personality test in the library reveals the type of Clash personality you are, from cautiously adventurous to discreetly free-spirited. An auditory ‘shower’ with music curated by Michel Gaubert accompanies guests with a bespoke Clash de Cartier playlist and a photo booth in the windows encourage passers-by to take pictures. The Clash bar is inspired by a stylish French brasserie. One of the highlights is a resident haiku poet who scribes a 17-syllable celebrating a special moment in one’s life. 

Clash de Cartier X Selfridges
The stunning Clash de Cartier diamond studded bracelet

“The Clash de Cartier collection reflects our constant search for creative exploration. It is playful, yet showcases Cartier’s expertise in craftsmanship. It resonates with the essence of London; a city thriving on the tension between tradition and modernity. Selfridges and the Corner Shop are the perfect partner to celebrate this launch."  Laurent Feniou, Managing Director, Cartier UK


To celebrate the opening of the Corner Shop, Selfridges will be host to an exclusive worldwide pre-launch of the rose gold Clash de Cartier bracelet with diamonds, retailing at £21,900.


Discover the Clash de Cartier universe at The Corner Shop Selfridges Oxford Street from August 5th 2019 to September 1st 2019.

Clash de Cartier X Selfridges
A haiku poet at the Clash de Cartier pop-up