A Patented Evening with Crockett & Jones

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Sphere Editors

7th November 2023

Crockett & Jones takes us on a Patented evening with these new autumn/winter releases, from sipping martinis in glossy Alex Oxfords to putting your feet up in front of the fireplace in luxe velvet slippers. Delivering on opulent elegance every step of the night this festive season.

Presented by Crockett & Jones

Popularised as Daniel Craig’s go-to Bond shoe, having been featured in both Skyfall in 2012 and Spectre in 2015. The Alex is now being released in black Patent, topping off tuxedos with their glistening finish this festive season. Like any Patent shoe, a pair of these Alex Oxfords go through a specialist process. Patented leather varies massively in quality within the shoe industry. At Crockett & Jones, their experience in hand-making Patent leather shoes dates back as far as the concept of Patent leather itself. Ensuring a refined step-by-step process and therefore the highest quality mirror shine that will remain untarnished over years on the ballroom (or bar) floor.

A Patented Evening with Crockett & Jones - Alex Oxfords
Crockett and Jones' Black Patent Alex Oxfords (£485)

Alex is an easily recognisable shoe because of its classic English Oxford style. Moulded on the iconic chisel-toe form, Last 348, arguably the most significant last developed by Crockett & Jones in their recent years. The Alex is uniquely a whole cut Oxford creating a completely seamless forepart. This requires the Laster to work with a whole piece of leather, a difficult and meticulous process that requires the care and attention of only the most highly skilled Lasters.

A Patented Evening with Crockett & Jones - Christmas Slippers
Crockett & Jones Christmas Tree slippers, £360

Once in the door, with black Patent Alex’s stepped to the side – continue the luxury through into the winding-down portion of your evening with this year’s Crockett & Jones Christmas slippers. Complete with playful embroidery of a Christmas tree and train set stitched into the opulent velvet, as well as a burgundy satin quilted lining and rubber slipper sole. These slippers are sure to be pulled out winter after winter delivering home comfort along with a cup of tea in hand, glowing wood fire in the corner and twinkling Christmas lights in the reflections of your mug as you go to take another sip.

A Patented Evening with Crockett & Jones - Alex Oxfords stepping out of the car
Stepping out the car in Black Patent Alex Oxford shoes

Crockett & Jones’ Black Patent Alex shoes (£485) and Christmas Slippers (£360) are available now for purchase. Making a ritzy Christmas gift to place under the tree or new staple piece of winter footwear to debut at upcoming Christmas soirées (or comfortable nights in the living room).