Extraordinary watches on display at The Design Museum

Words by
Lee Cassanell

6th April 2022

Mystery owner exhibits some of the world’s finest time pieces. 

The inaugural display of The OAK Collection is being held at The Design Museum from Thursday 19th May 2022. The spectacular watches will be on display at the venue one week before they go on a world tour.  The ‘OAK Collection’ name doesn’t refer to a material or a person, but rather to a “One-of-A-Kind” collection, the owner of which chooses to remain anonymous. 

The exhibit is divided into 11 sections, each of which encapsulates the collector's appreciation of specific types of watches – from simple, three-hand models to more complicated pieces.

Some of the finest examples of watch making with feature - varying from unique limited-edition and personalised contemporary models to handcrafted and vintage rare pieces by exceptional makers such as Patek Philippe, Francois-Paul Journe and Kari Voutilainen. 

The display ends with a look to the future and the contemporary watchmakers that the collector supports as the next generation of master craftspeople.

The OAK Collection is on display at The Design Museum from 19th May 2022: designmuseum.org